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To Help you make 90 the new 50, health & wellness chain HARLEY of LONDON coming to India & to Chandigarh

Chandigarh, April 28, 2024: The body is our biggest asset, and we need to learn to take better care of it. HARLEY of LONDON is coming to town to help us manage that in an exacting manner with a new state-of-the-art centre of excellence for integrated health & wellness.

By bringing together the best of modern medicine, pioneering technological innovations, wrapped around the resourcefulness of ancient healing systems, Harley of London is aiming to reinvent and transform the existing healthcare system in the country.

HARLEY of LONDON is a subsidiary of Harley Street Healthcare Group (HSHG), which itself is part of a larger healthcare group hailing from London, England, which has been serving clients for over three decades.

Sanjeev Kumar, chief visionary officer of HSHG, says "The body is our biggest asset, and we do need to learn to take better care of it. As a business, the purpose of our existence is to help people manage that. We are aiming to make 90 the new 50."

He shares that "The centre will focus on high end healthcare services, wellbeing, age management, mindfulness and longevity. In a first, HARLEY of LONDON will be offering subscription-based health & wellbeing services in preventative wellness care, focusing on modern medicine, state-of- the-art technology and holistic healthcare services.

"We believe the mass sick care approach to health care is no longer fit for purpose," he opines, adding that "human physiology is an engineering marvel, but it has design limits. We are all a product of our habits, lifestyle choices and the local environment. Also, the design of our modern society is such that, it has an impact on our health and general wellbeing. So, our minds and bodies end up going through stress that it was not designed to handle. This is where people need support. We, as an invested partner will help them navigate their health and wellness journey."

Dwelling on HSHG's plans of developing a strategic partnership network of affiliated delivery partners along with the medtech infrastructure to support the continuity of care commitments to its members and customers across India, Sanjeev Kumar assures that "HARLEY of LONDON is where you matter the most. Together with our partners, we are building an ecosystem to help us proactively manage the health and well-being of people."

He says HARLEY of LONDON ( as a brand is also a tribute to the city of London, celebrating all its diversity and free thinking, agility and longevity. The DNA of the city and its pioneering acumen is embedded in the creation of HARLEY of LONDON. So, Chandigarh came across as an obvious location for the launch of one-of-its-kind centre, he adds.

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