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World Liver :DayKeep a check on liver diseases: expert

Chandigarh: “Living with a sick liver is practically impossible as it regulates immunity, digestion, and metabolism. We must maintain the liver's health. It is the body's largest solid organ responsible for removing toxins from the blood, regulating blood sugar levels, and maintaining blood flow throughout the body,”
Speaking during an awareness session on the eve of World Liver Day on Thursday Dr. Atul Sachdev, senior director gastroenterology at Max Hospital, Mohali said that a sick liver can cause serious fatal diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.
Liver disease can be caused by a variety of factors such as alcohol consumption, obesity, viral hepatitis and the use of certain drugs, he informed.
He further informed that fatty liver is a prevalent health condition caused by excessive fat buildup in the liver. Most people do not experience any symptoms, and it does not cause serious issues. However, in some cases, it can lead to liver damage. Signs of fatty liver can also appear on the face, and it is essential to pay immediate attention to them, said Dr. Atul Sachdev.
It is very significant to manage fatty liver, as it could be done with basic lifestyle changes, improving the intake of food and regular exercise, he maintained.
When one struggles with fatty liver diseases, it is advisable to have a healthy balanced diet, which is more focused on the intake of proteins, less fat and carbohydrates, he advised.
Regular aerobic exercise for 25 to 30 minutes four times a week is enough to improve general health, he said.
Some signs of fatty liver on the face that you must not ignore:
·         Puffiness
·         Dark skin in the crease of the neck
·         Rosacea
·         Rash around the mouth
·         Itching
·         Jaundice

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