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Sanjay Tandon promises to make Chandigarh a sports and Yoga hub

Chandigarh, April 17, 2024: Sanjay Tandon, the BJP Chandigarh candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, today promised the city that very soon it will be a sports hub in the region at the prize distribution and closing ceremony of the First Mahatma Hansraj Men Seniors T20 tournament held at Baba Balak Nath Cricket Stadium, Kaimbwala UT. Later in the day, he also attended the Yog Sabha Program at Yoga Bhawan in Sector 30, Chandigarh on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Yoga Guru Yogeshwar Sri Ram Lal Maha Prabhu ji.

Speaking at the cricket match, which saw the Hansraj Cricket Academy emerge victorious against SD Cricket Academy in a thrilling finale, Tandon shared his vision for sports development in the city, "The BJP has always prioritized the growth of sports, and with the new sports policy introduced last November, we are seeing the fruits of our labour. Our city's youth now have a platform to showcase their talent, and our coaches are being recognized and incentivised for their hard work."

He further added, "This policy is not just about creating sports infrastructure but also about ensuring that our sportspersons have a secure future. With job opportunities now linked to sports achievements, we are committed to making Chandigarh a hub for sporting excellence. Now our Chandigarh sports persons can get accreditations and certifications for their performances which can further help them in employment."

Tandon expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the city's sports associations and the organizers of the tournament, "I want to thank all the sports associations and the organizers for their relentless efforts. It is because of their dedication that our athletes can dream big and achieve bigger."

The event concluded with Tandon's commitment to the upliftment of sports in Chandigarh. Among those present in the event included Devinder Sharma, Secretary UTCA, Alok Krishnan, Treasurer UTCA and Varinder Chopra, renowned Ranji player.

Later in the day, Sanjay Tandon further engaged with the community by attending the Yog Sabha Program at Yoga Bhawan in Sector 30, Chandigarh on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Yoga Guru Yogeshwar Sri Ram Lal Maha Prabhu ji. Sanjay Tandon, who has been associated with Guru ji for over 30 years, shared a personal anecdote highlighting the transformative power of yoga, "Once I had a severe pain in my back, and after practicing yoga for just 5-7 days, I was completely healed here in the Yoga Mandir. It's a testament to the efficacy of yoga that I never faced that problem again."

He also recounted his time learning yoga in Palampur, reinforcing the importance of this ancient practice in modern life. "We should all be grateful for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts, which have led to the recognition of International Yoga Day on June 21st. It's solely due to Modiji's initiative that we have this global platform to celebrate yoga. Today Yoga has given employment to so many people. All because of Modiji," he said.

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