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Rashi Struggles with a Stress Disorder after Dilip’s death in Sony SAB’s ‘Pushpa Impossible’

Mumbai, : Sony SAB’s ‘Pushpa Impossible’ narrates the heartwarming tale of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as a resilient woman who takes life’s challenges head-on, without losing hope. In the recent turn of events, the audience witnessed Pushpa’s mentor and lawyer Devi Patel (Urvashi Dholakia) fight in favor of Jugal (Anshul Trivedi) in court as he was accused of killing Pushpa’s husband Dilip Patel (Jayesh More) and was sent to jail. But since the court couldn’t prove Jugal guilty, he was released. 
In the upcoming episodes, the audiences will see Pushpa and Dilip’s daughter Rashi (Deshna Dugad) experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after her father Dilip’s death. After attending the court hearings, Rashi finds herself broken and shattered. Being incredibly close to her father, she struggles to come to terms with his absence. The mere thought of his loss becomes an unbearable weight on her heart, leading her to feel traumatised during the court hearing. That's when Pushpa's teacher, Vikram Saran (Adish Vaidya), steps in to help just like he's helped Pushpa achieve her educational goals in the past.
Deshna Dugad, who essays the role of Rashi Patel, said, “Rashi was counting on her father, Dilip, to make things better. But when he suddenly left, it hit her hard. She's finding it tough to accept that he's gone. Being the only one supporting him, Rashi feels lost without him. It's a really hard time for her, and she's struggling to cope with all the emotions this leads to a stress disorder known as PTSD. I am glad that as an actor, I got a chance to bring an important yet often neglected topic like PTSD to the screen. I am sure a lot of viewers will be able to relate to Rashi.”
Karuna Pandey, who essays the role of Pushpa Patel, said, “After the court hearings on Dilip’s death Pushpa started noticing drastic changes in Rashi. Being incredibly close to her father, Rashi struggles to come to terms with the reality of his absence. The mere thought of his loss becomes an unbearable weight on her heart and she goes through immense shock and stress. PTSD can happen to anybody, so it’s important to stay by their side if somebody is diagnosed with this disorder.”
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