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From onscreen rivals to offscreen besties: Saas-Bahu duo Ayushi Khurana and Kashish Duggal in Sony SAB’s

Mumbai, :Sony SAB’s Aangan Aapno Kaa showcases the story of Pallavi Sharma (Ayushi Khurana) who has a unique perspective on marriage and believes that a woman’s responsibility shouldn’t shift from her parental home to her married home after the wedding. Ever since her marriage with Akash Awasthi (Samar Vermani), Pallavi has been trying to win the love and acceptance of her mother-in-law Aparna Awasthi (Kashish Duggal), however she believes that Pallavi’s only motive is to take her son away from her. 
While Pallavi and Ayushi have a cutthroat rivalry on the show, the saas-bahu duo are inseparable off-screen. Known on the sets as the ultimate bffs, the duo is often seen engaging in heartfelt conversations, sharing food, and even travelling from set to home together. Whenever Ayushi forgets her tiffin at home, Aparna lovingly packs an extra meal for her.  Additionally, on days when Pallavi isn't feeling well, Aparna ensures she eats on time and gets proper rest. Their connection is also reflected on their social media where the duo posts many dance reels and goofy pictures together.
Kashish Duggal, who plays the role of Aparna, says, “My relationship with Ayushi is truly a mirror image situation because our bond is genuine. It is built on pure understanding and respect, something quite rare to find. Ayushi is not just a co-star; she's like a rock to me, always calm and composed, ready to lend an ear to anything and everything. Our time together, whether at work or travelling back home, is precious, uninterrupted by anyone else. It's a beautiful bond, one that I cherish deeply. Our on-screen characters are indeed rivals, but our off-screen camaraderie truly shines.”
Ayushi Khurana, who plays the role of Pallavi, shares, “I share a very special bond with Kashish, who plays my mother-in-law on the show. In all my years of acting, I've never met someone I connect with as effortlessly as her. What makes our bond truly amazing are our travel stories. Whenever we travel back home together, there’s endless laughter, gossip, and a vibrant energy. But beyond fun, we also share deep conversations about our lives. In a bustling city like Mumbai, finding a friend like Kashish is nothing short of a blessing. Despite the contrast in our onscreen characters, our friendship is sacred, and we always support each other.” 
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