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Green corridor created to transport kidney of brain-dead man in Mohali

Mohali, April 22, 2024:  A green corridor was created on Sunday between Fortis Hospital and Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali to transport a kidney harvested from a brain-dead man. The harvested kidney was successfully transplanted by a team of doctors at Max Super Specialty Hospital in 50 years patient, who was suffering from kidney failure.The Punjab police were roped in to create green corridors by clearing traffic for an ambulance to swiftly transport a kidney.
Dr. Pinak Moudgil- Senior Vice President, HospitalOperations, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali, said, “ The Donor was declared brain dead during treatment, and after his family agreed to donate his organs, his kidneys were harvested on Sunday at Fortis Hospital. “It took only 10 minutes to transport the kidney to Max Hospital due to the green corridor created by Punjab Police. For this we appreciate and thank Punjab Police for creating the corridor for taking harvested kidney quickly to needy patients, said Dr. Pinak Moudgil.
He further added that we at Max Super Specialty Hospital always strive to offer the best medical treatment to our patients and today’s Cadaver Kidney Transplant was another step in this direction to save precious life.
Dr Jagdish Sethi- Associate Director, Kidney Transplant, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohalisaid that the recipient was suffering from kidney failure from the past 2 years. He was in dire need to get a transplant. The transplant has gone well and the recipient patient's condition is stable as of now. In a few days he will be discharged from hospital to lead a normal life.  
Dr Sethi further said, “That awareness of organ donation is a must. Many precious lives can be saved with organ transplantations.Ironically India is struggling with acute shortage of organs for transplantation. It is estimated that more than a million people suffer with end stage organ failure, but only a handful of 3,500 transplants are performed annually. At least 15 patients die every day waiting for organs and every 10 minutes a new name is added to this waiting list ( Undoubtedly, the demand far outstrips the availability of organs. And no one can escape the harsh reality, he informed.
SP Traffic Harjinder Singh Maan said, at Mohali Police, we take pride in our role in a critical, multi-state lifesaving initiative such as organ transplantation. We salute the courageous family who, despite their profound loss, chose to donate their loved one’s organs, offering a new beginning to the recipient. Our wishes are with the 50-yr-old recipient, now recuperating at Max Hospital Mohali and wish him a speedy recovery.
Mohali Police will remain committed to facilitate green corridors for the secure and fast transport of organs. We encourage community members to spread awareness about organ donation, which has the potential to save countless lives.”

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