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Even three decades of acting career cannot prepare you for such an emotionally draining sequence

Mumbai, : Sony SAB’s Aangan Aapno Kaa showcases the story of Pallavi Sharma (Ayushi Khurana) who has a unique perspective on marriage and believes that a woman shouldn’t leave her family behind after getting married. In the latest track of the show, Pallavi is at a crossroads when both her households face fraud from Pappi Mehra (Ashwin Kaushal). While on one hand, her in-laws’ shop is snatched by Pappi, on the other hand, the cunning businessman traps her father Jaidev Sharma (Mahesh Thakur) in a fraudulent land deal.Even three decades of acting career cannot prepare you for such an emotionally draining sequence,” says Mahesh Thakur about a face blackening scene in Sony SAB’s Aangan Aapno Kaa
Jaidev sets out to sell land to a couple who spent their life savings to buy the same, however, they realise that it belongs to the government and they end up losing all their money. Blaming Jaidev for their situation, the couple brings goons to Jaidev’s house and humiliates him by blackening his face. The scene was so emotionally draining that the actor felt anxious the whole day and even his co-actors in the scene, Pallavi and Akash (Samar Vermani) too felt numb after the shoot.
Mahesh Thakur, who plays the role of Jaidev, says, “As an actor with years of experience, I've honed the skill to delve into emotional scenes effectively. However, playing a role that required my face to be blackened was a profoundly unsettling experience. I was pretty anxious hours before the shoot of this scene as even three decades of acting cannot prepare you for such an emotionally draining scene. I couldn’t eat properly before the shoot and even a few hours after the scene was shot. It took me some time to come back to my senses”
The actor further added, “The mere act of shooting this scene sent shivers down my spine, as I contemplated the real-life humiliation such an act would entail—it's a form of degradation that's indescribable. This scene drifted my thoughts to those who endure other forms of humiliation.”
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