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Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’: Yukti plots a cunning move, creating a rift between Koel and Gargi

Mumbai, : Sony SAB’s show ‘Vanshaj’ revolves around Yuvika Mahajan (Anjali Tatrari), who questions traditional family norms and advocates for the inheritance of the family business based on merit, sparking conflicts within the Mahajan empire. In recent episodes, Yukti Multani (Anjali Tatrari) reveals her true identity as Yuvika to her mother Bhoomi (Gurdeep Kohli) and seeks revenge from her brother DJ (Mahir Pandhi) for destroying her family’s happiness. 

In the upcoming episodes, as the wedding festivities of Koel (Nisha Nagpal) and DJ continue to take place, Yukti intends to break DJ’s support system starting with his mother Gargi (Parinitha Seth). Yukti prompts Koel to participate in ‘Three Most Influential Women of Delhi’, where Gargi has been a three-time winner. However, this time Koel ousts Gargi and wins the competition, leaving Gargi angry. Yukti continues to fuel Koel by saying that DJ is a mamma’s boy and if she is unable to take control of him, then it will become a problem for her in the future. The catfight between Koel and Gargi becomes so intense that Gargi ends up slapping Koel during the engagement party, taking things downhill. 

Anjali Tatrari, who plays the character of Yukti Multani says, “Yukti’s mission to tactically defeat DJ and take the entire control of Mahajan empire is intense. After revealing her true identity to Bhoomi, Yukti is planning a larger scheme. Understanding Gargi, DJ, and Koel's nature, she aims to divide the trio and complete her revenge. Bhoomi opposes Yukti's methods, fearing they resemble those of the Mahajans, a view shared by her late father Premraj (Akshay Anand). However, Yukti insists it's the only way to win in this power battle. Viewers can expect a dramatic rollercoaster with twists and turns as the intense rivalry between Gargi and Koel unfolds.” 

Tune in to watch Vanshaj on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 7 PM and 10 PM

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