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Senior Wagle - Srinivas and Radhika's romantic date night in Sony SAB’s ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’

Mumbai, : Sony SAB’s ‘Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey takes us through a heartwarming tale of the everyday challenges and victories of the common man. In recent episodes, the Wagle family had faced a tough situation when the senior Wagle, Srinivas (Aanjjan Srivastav) suffered a heart attack. As the entire family set out to raise money for his operation, they discovered the truth about the surgery being a scam by the doctor to extort money from the Wagles. Thankfully, Rajesh (Sumeet Raghavan) and his daughter Sakhi (Chinmayee Salvi) uncover the truth on time and Rajesh saves Srinivas from the unnecessary surgery.

In the upcoming episodes, following Srinivas's health scare, there's a heartwarming turn of events as his condition improves. Viewers can look forward to a delightful treat as Srinivas and Radhika (Bharati Achrekar) plan to spend quality time together. Despite decades of togetherness, they decide to keep the romance alive by arranging a special date night just for themselves. It's a sweet storyline as the dada-dadi duo enjoy their cherished moment together.

Bharati Achrekar, who essays the role of Radhika, said, “It was a wonderful experience shooting for the episode. It’s a very cute and heartwarming sequence as you don’t see or hear senior citizens going on a date very often. Kudos to the creative team for doing a fabulous job with the story.  I hope that the audience will like it.”

Anjan Srivastav who essays the role of Srinivas said, “Wagle Ki Duniya depicts the most heartwarming moments in life's simplest pleasures. Our characters, Srinivas and Radhika have been an inseparable couple having faced lives many highs and lows together, gathering experiences along the way. It’s heartening to watch an elderly couple strive to keep the romance alive and spend quality time together at this stage of their lives. I hope viewers enjoy this storyline and perhaps it encourages more senior citizens to go on a date and spend time with their partner more often.”

Tune in to watch Wagle Ki Duniya: Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey only on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 9.00 PM

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