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From a pauper to NRI: cast of Sony SAB’s ‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’ share their experience of donning various avatars in a recent track

Mumbai : Sony SAB’s Aangan Aapno Kaa narrates a heartwarming tale of a single father Jaidev Sharma (Mahesh Thakur) and his three daughters Deepika (Neetha Shetty), Tanvi (Aditi Rathod) and Pallavi (Ayushi Khurana). In the current track, the three daughters have come together to trap the fraudster Pappi Mehra (Ashwin Kaushal), who has wronged not only the Sharma family but also Pallavi’s in-laws, the Awasthi family.To catch Pappi in his web of lies, Tanvi has transformed into Manu Ahluwalia, an NRI woman who has come to India to sell her land. Donning a blonde wig, a beach hat, and speaking with a foreign accent, Tanvi is nailing her new role. Meanwhile, Deepika has swapped her naturally curly hair for a straight-hair wig and adopted a fake accent to pose as Tanvi’s assistant. Other family members have taken on various roles to make Tanvi’s profile as a wealthy and influential NRI convincing. Pallavi, disguised with a moustache, beard, and large spectacles, acts as her helping hand. Varun (Waseem Mushtaq) assumes the role of her driver, while Rakesh (Yash Pandit) becomes a beggar, singing her praises to Pappi as she generously donates dollars. It may seem like a seamless transition on screen, however, the actors agreed that it was not as easy as it seems.

Aditi Rathod, who essays the role of Tanvi, said “I have become used to being Tanvi, so getting into the role of an NRI Manu Ahluwalia was stepping out of my comfort zone. It was very challenging as well as interesting to adapt and carry the accent. All of us had a fun time getting into our new looks and speaking in a certain way. Both Deepika di and I kept talking in our new accents to ensure we had a continuous grasp on it. I hope I have been able to do a good job and entertain the audience.”

Ayushi Khurana, who essays the role of Pallavi, said “I was disguised as a male help because my character Pallavi wanted to be a part of the act to ensure nothing goes wrong. I had to wear a fake mole, moustache, and a beard. Every morning when I come to set, I greet my on-screen papa (Mahesh Thakur) but when I went to see him with my new look, he thought I was a character artist. While it was fun shooting in the new look, wearing the beard 14 hours was quite irritating. Despite not being able to eat or smile, I somehow managed to deliver my dialogues.”

Yash Pandit, who portrays the role of Rakesh, said “For the role of a pauper I decided to avoid wearing a shirt and covered myself with a shawl to make the role look convincing. Further, I had to change my accent and did some voice modulation to sound different than usual. I even put a black powder on my face over the tan makeup in order to not get recognized. Though we were shooting this scene in the intense heat with very high temperature, everybody had a great time doing the scene.”

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