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Revolutionary Hair Transplant Technique ensures 99 percent success

Chandigarh, May 6, 2024: Dr. Nav Vikram, a renowned figure in the field of hair Transplant surgery, has introduced a groundbreaking approach to hair transplant procedures. This is all set to redefine the hair transplant success standards. With a commitment to innovation and result oriented approach, Dr. Nav Vikram has developed a technique that promises natural-looking results with minimal downtime.
NeoDHT is a cutting-edge technique developed by Dr Nav Vikram, Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon at Neograft Hair Clinic, Chandigarh. This is a revolutionary solution for individuals seeking natural-looking and 99% success results in hair transplantation.

This revolutionary innovation has doubtlessly changed the way hair transplant procedures have been performed for decades now.

Describing the innovation, Dr Nav Vikram shared the idea behind this innovation. He said, "I have been doing hair transplant surgeries for a decade and a half by now. Over this period I found out that the instruments being used were somewhat causing hindrance in achieving the desired results despite putting in the best of the knowledge and expertise therein. I focused on how not the surgeon but the instruments were behaving while performing the surgeries."

"I found out that the old age extraction motor being used by hair transplantation surgeons across the globe was causing collateral damage to not only the harvested roots but also to the surrounding follicles and the scalp tissues. The extraction motor's weight, speed, and power were the culprit." Dr. Nav Vikram added.  

It was after extensive technical research and clinical studies that Dr. Nav VIkram was successful in reducing the weight of the dental extraction motor and that of the graft punch size to 1/10th. It is worth mentioning here that an instrument being used for cutting the scalp tissue and extracting a root is originally a dental motor with high RPM (rotation per minute)  but a low Torque.      

Technically, a graft punch attached to a high RPM but low Torque motor causes much damage not only to the harvested follicles but also to the surrounding roots and tissues. Ideally, the required one is with low RPM and high Torque.  

"For, this is our own R&D and innovative technique, we have named extraction equipment as nanomotor.  We have named the process as NeoDHT, a technique where we are combining nanomotor and precision of sapphire blade promises no less than 99% success rate. We would say this is our contribution towards the government's Make In India program. There is no need to depend upon other countries like the USA or Turkey to import high-precision instruments." Dr Nav Vikram announced proudly.  

The innovative instrument developed and now being used at NeoGraft Hair Clinic for a year and a half by now has a low RPM and high Torque that provides much-required precision to the procedure. This technicality has changed the treatment to the harvested graft thus increasing the success rate from 80-85% in traditional FUE to 99% through NeoDHT.
NeoDHT at NoeGraft Hair Clinic in Chandigarh is the only technique available in India that restores and secures the donor area to the extent that it can be re-harvested if required, so.

Unlike traditional hair transplant methods that often result in noticeable scarring and a lengthy recovery period, Dr. Nav Vikram's pioneering technique leverages advanced technologies and refined surgical skills to achieve seamless, satisfactory outcomes.

The key features of NeoDHT revolutionary technique include:
1. Scarless Harvesting: Unlike conventional methods that leave visible scars at the donor site, NeoDHT utilizes minimally invasive extraction methods that result in virtually undetectable scars on the scalp.

2. Natural-Looking Results: Through careful attention to detail and aesthetic skill, Dr. Nav Vikram meticulously designs the hairline uses the NeoDHT technique strategically to implant grafts to mimic the natural pattern of hair growth.

3. Reduced Recovery Time: Since NeoDHT does not cause damage to the scalp tissues, it minimizes the downtime and ensures a faster recovery. NeoDHT allows patients to return to their daily activities within three to four days .
Dr. Nav Vikram's commitment to excellence and innovation has earned recognition from domestic and international patients alike, establishing Chandigarh as a hub for cutting-edge hair transplant procedures. With a focus on continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Dr. Nav Vikram and NeoGraft Hair Clinic remain dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to individuals seeking effective solutions for hair loss. Dr.Nav Vikram has performed more than 7000 successful procedures so far.

For more information about Dr. Nav Vikram, Neograft Hair Clinic and, his groundbreaking hair transplant technique NeoDHT, please visit  or contact +91 904 1999 199.

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