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Pushpa takes a stand against Swara’s school teacher after her mistreatment in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

Mumbai, : Sony SAB’s 'Pushpa Impossible' takes the audience on a heartwarming journey of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), a determined character who faces life's challenges with a positive attitude. In recent episodes, viewers saw Swara, (Vrihi Kodavara), struggling to fit in with her new family in the chawl as everyone in the neighborhood kept teasing her by saying that  she is adopted, making her feel out of place. However, the entire Pushpa family comes together to reassure her that they love her and will always support her, helping her feel better.
In the upcoming episodes, Swara will get enrolled in a school where she will get punished for not completing her homework because no one in the family - Ashwin (Naveen Patel), Chirag (Darshan Gurjar) and Prarthana (Indraxi Kanjilal) - got time to help her. To punish Swara, the school teacher makes her stand on the table for the whole day, making her traumatized. Seeing a stressed Swara, Pushpa decides to go to the school and confront the teacher who eventually refuses to accept the blame. Pushpa now decides to take a stand against the schoolteacher, leaving the audience intrigued about her next steps.
Karuna Pandey, who essays the role of Pushpa, said, "Pushpa is someone who always takes a stand for justice. Seeing Swara in this condition gave Pushpa a motive to take a stand against such practices. Children are like clay and good and bad experiences can mold them in certain ways. It is very important to stand by children at this young age, and help them navigate the world without feeling isolated.”
Stay tuned and watch Pushpa Impossible, Mon-Sat, 9:30 PM only on Sony SAB

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