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Punjab is 4th in Unemployment Index Nationally says Vijay Inder Singla

May 12, 2024:* With prices of all necessary items touching the sky and citizens being forced to pay through the nose, as they do not have a choice is uncalled for when Punjab’s youth is unemployed, said Vijay Inder Singla, Congress candidate from Anandpur Sahib Constituency while reaching out TO various voters’ gatherings across SAS Nagar Mohali today. He expressed his tribute to the mothers on Mother’s Day and shared his pain for the women of Punjab who are impacted more and deprived of many beneficiary government schemes.

Notable figures such as Former cabinet Minister, Balbir Singh Sidhu, Mayor SAS Nagar, Amarjit Singh Sidhu (Jiti Sidhu) were present at the campaign rally to show their unwavering support for Singla. The campaigning started from Landran in the morning and concluded at Homeland, Mohali in the evening.

During the election campaign -  rallies being organized, Vijay Inder Singla said, “The central government has been unfair to the people of Punjab and has made no efforts to accept the state’s demands. Further, low industrial development, high unemployment and no movement by any MNC in the recent past have aggravated the session.  It shall be my utmost priority and duty to not only take my people’s voice to the centre but also ensure that upliftment begins in all possible ways that help our farmers, the youth and the growth of Punjab.”

It is disheartening that the government has failed to provide enough avenues to women to create enough relevant jobs leaving them in a tough spot. Incidentally, no action has been taken to improvise the overall scenario. I wonder what kind of future such a state holds where the youth of the state is unemployed and there seems to be no future planning of the goverment. Therefore it is pivotal that immediate corrective action must be taken and hence I am reaching out to all eligible voter’s wholeheartedly” added Vijay Inder Singla

Speaking to the media, Vijay Inder Singla said, “We shall ensure that all possible measures are taken to bring back our Punjab’s glory. We will strive to bring more opportunities for the youth and also have more citizen friendly law and order in the state, and work towards the upliftment of farmers, women and youth in the state.”

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