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Karuna Pandey from Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible expresses her love for sarees and how it helps her get into the character of Pushpa

In the world of storytelling, characters are at the heart of every narrative. Besides their personalities and performances, one aspect that breathes life into these fictional characters is their costumes. Costumes play a crucial role in transforming characters into vibrant, memorable beings. In Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible, Pushpa (played by Karuna Pandey) is seen carrying the six yards effortlessly and graciously while her character is immersed in learning the intricate techniques of Patola saree weaving. She expresses her love for sarees and how it helps her transform from Karuna to Pushpa.

Karuna Pandey who plays the role of Pushpa on Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible says, "For every little girl, sarees hold immense emotional value. They grow up witnessing their mothers gracefully draping the six yards of elegance. Similarly, I cherished dressing up and draping my mother’s dupatta as a kid, which always brought me immense joy. As I grew up and became a theatre artist, it provided me with a platform to experiment with my costumes, allowing me to learn the art of draping sarees in various ways. Thus, I've always had a strong connection with sarees. Playing the role of Pushpa, every saree selected for her is thoughtfully chosen to suit the scene, making me feel empowered and deeply involved in each moment. In one instance, during Pushpa's patola weaving journey, we made sure the sarees I wore had prominent Patola designs, such as elephants and camels, adding more substance to those scenes."

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