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Dhruv's life takes an intriguing turn after Maharaj’s murder in Sony SAB’s Dhruv Tara

Sony SAB's captivating time-travel romance drama 'Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare,' starring Ishaan Dhawan as Dhruv and Riya Sharma as Tara, continues to enthrall viewers with its engaging storyline and unexpected twists, leaving the audience eagerly hooked. Dhruv's recent discovery about his father's identity has shattered his relationship with Tara, as he believes she and her family intentionally concealed the truth. Despite Tara's persistent efforts to explain her side of the story, Dhruv remains unconvinced, leading to heated conflicts between the once inseparable couple.

This week, the series takes an intense turn as Dhruv finds himself at the center of a shocking murder investigation involving Maharaj (Yash Tonk). As misunderstandings escalate, the growing distance between Dhruv and Tara becomes apparent, pushing them towards the brink of chaos. With each passing moment, they continue to struggle with challenges that could separate them. Will Dhruv be able to prove his innocence and mend the broken bond with Tara, or will this tragedy forever alter their lives? Viewers can't help but anticipate the intriguing drama that lies ahead in this narrative.

Will Dhruv's relationship with Tara change dramatically with Maharaj's death and him as the prime suspect?

Ishaan Dhawan, who portrays the character of Dhruv, said, “Shooting for such sequences is never easy; it requires delving deep into the character's psyche and conveying the right emotions to do justice to the scene. The twists and turns in Dhruv and Tara's relationship after Maharaj's death and the suspicion surrounding Dhruv have challenged me as an actor. Yet, it is these very challenges that bring out the best in us as actors, and I hope viewers will feel the intensity and authenticity we put into every moment.”
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