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Max Hospital, Mohali celebrates World Senior Citizens Day with informative health talks

Mohali, August 26: North India’s leading healthcare provider, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali, celebrated World Senior Citizen Day by organizing talks on Neurology and Orthopedics related health issues. Around 200 senior citizens from the community actively took part in it. These health talks are conducted in association with Senior Citizen Association, Phase 3b1 Mohali, Senior Citizen Association Sec38 & Rotary Club Mohali.
Dr Jatinder Singla, Director Orthopedics, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali said, “Arthritis means inflammation or swelling of one or more joints. It describes more than 100 conditions that affect the joints and connective tissues. Specific symptoms vary depending on the type of arthritis but commonly with age people suffer pain and stiffness. Pain that affects joints might hurt during or after movement and joint stiffness might be most noticeable upon waking up or after being inactive. Your joint might feel tender when you apply light pressure to or near it, loss of flexibility, grating sensation, bone spurs, and swelling are some noticeable symptoms.The pain comes with a fever and it develops quickly and is related to redness and extreme tenderness of the joint.”
Dr Rahul Mahajan, Consultant Neurology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali said“With growing age, we notice visible and invisible changes in our body like headache, migraine, facial deviation, uncontrolled seizures, stroke, memory loss, difficulty in walking and speech. Elderly persons are more likely to suffer from a neurological problem after the age of 55-yr because our brain and central nervous system are going through the aging process too. This is one reason elderly persons are more likely to suffer from neurological problems. Regular exercise, quitting smoking and tobacco products, getting plenty of rest, taking care of diabetes, high BP, balanced diet with ample sources of vitamins B6, B12, and folate can keep neurological problems at bay.”
Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali is a leading healthcare institution that provides a wide range of specialized medical services and treatments. With a team of experienced healthcare professionals and modern medical technology, the hospital is committed to providing quality patient care and superior clinical outcomes.

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