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Will Tara return to the 17th century and punish Dhruv for her father’s death in Sony SAB's Dhruv Tara?

Mumbai, 21st August 2023: Sony SAB's captivating romantic drama "Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare" has recently completed an impressive 150 episodes. The show's engaging storyline has won over audiences, weaving a tale of romance and time travel that's full of surprising twists and turns, keeping everyone hooked. Leading us through this enchanting journey are the lively protagonists, Dhruv (played by Ishaan Dhawan) and Tara (played by Riya Sharma). Their on-screen chemistry continues to light up the screen, leaving the viewers eagerly awaiting each new development. In the upcoming week, a delightful treat awaits as Tara finally makes her return to Vallabhgarh, taking a step closer to her love, Dhruv. 

In the midst of Dhruv and Shyam Mohini's wedding festivities, an exciting twist takes centre stage. Mahaveer (Krishna Bharadwaj) dramatically enters and announces that he knows about the scheme to seize control of Vallabhgarh. This revelation shocks everyone and in a bold declaration, Dhruv openly admits his heart belongs solely to Tara, shattering Shyam Mohini's hopes of a union. As tension rises, the awaited moment arrives: Tara defies all odds and finally reaches the 17th century despite Shyam Mohini's attempts to destroy Navrang Van. Dhruv is thrilled by Tara's return, but there's a catch: Tara's still hurt about her father's death and is careful around Dhruv as she thinks he's connected to what happened to to her father (Yash Tonk). 

What's next for Dhruv? How will he clear his name and untangle this mess?

Ishaan Dhawan, who portrays the character of Dhruv, said, “In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Dhruv taking a stand for what he believes in. Portraying Dhruv’s emotions over the past few weeks has been exhilarating. Dhruv's world gets shaken amid the wedding celebrations and Mahaveer's entrance. When Tara returns to the 17th century, it's a mix of joy and heartache for Dhruv. Her lingering pain from her father's loss casts a shadow on their reunion, leaving Dhruv with a sense of longing and unspoken regret. I can confidently say that this chapter in Dhruv and Tara’s life is a blend of love, uncertainty, and redemption that I'm thrilled our audience will experience."

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