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World Alzheimer's DayAlzheimer, dementia affect 55 million people worldwide: expert

Bathinda, September 21: According to the World Alzheimer's Report 2022 released earlier this year, Alzheimer's and dementia affect approximately 55 million people worldwide. It's a staggering statistic that underscores the urgent need for awareness, support, and research to combat this debilitating condition
Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disorder, widely recognized as one of the most prevalent forms of dementia, said Dr Pallav Jain neurologist at Max Hospital, Bathinda. This ailment impairs brain cells, leading to memory alterations and erratic behaviours, and, in severe cases, the loss of various bodily functions, he informed.  
He further informed that scientists believe that a combination of genetic, behavioural, and environmental factors over time is responsible for the development of Alzheimer's in most individuals. While specific genetic anomalies predispose less than 1% of cases, the majority are influenced by these multifaceted factors.
Hallmark signs of Alzheimer's, especially in its early stages, is the forgetfulness of recently acquired information, opined Dr Jain.
Patients may also struggle to remember important dates or activities, often repeating the same questions. The disease can disrupt a person's ability to plan and execute tasks, impairing their cognitive functions and sense of time, he maintained.
Keeping a detailed medication schedule and using pill organizers or medication management apps can prevent missed doses or accidental overdoses, he asserted.  Encouraging light exercises and activities fosters physical and mental health. Ensure exercise spaces are safe and obstacle-free. Providing balanced meals and monitoring fluid intake helps prevent dehydration and maintains overall health, he opined

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