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Robotic surgical gynaecology far better than traditional gynae surgeries: Dr Preeti Jindal

Chandigarh, Sep 13, 2023:According to Dr. Preeti Jindal  a Senior Consultant Gynaecologist, IVF, High-Risk Pregnancy, Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeon, "Robotic Gynae Surgery which utilizes robotic technology to perform gynecological surgeries offers several benefits such as smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and shorter recovery time compared to traditional methods." Dr. Jindal who is also Director of The Touch Clinic in Mohali said this in a press release issued here. Dr. Jindal's statement was aimed at spreading awareness about Robotic Gynae Surgery and its benefits.   

She informed that Robotic Gynae Surgeries  like hysterectomy - done to remove all or part of the uterus, endometriosis surgery - to remove tissues outside the uterus, oophorectomy - to surgically remove one or both ovaries and gynae cancer surgeries, are now available in the region.  "Robotic Gynae Surgery is the latest  state-of-the-art technology and this  has several advantages compared to both laparoscopic and open gynae  procedures", she said.

Dr. Jindal explained that Robotic hysterectomy, a high-precision futuristic technology, involves tiny incisions through which robotic arms and a camera are inserted. This leads to smaller scars compared to open surgery, which require larger incisions. "Robotic arms provide enhanced precision and dexterity to surgeons. This is particularly advantageous in intricate procedures, allowing for better maneuverability and delicate tissue handling compared to traditional laparoscopic instruments. Robotics systems offer high-definition 3D visualization, allowing surgeons to see the surgical site in greater detail," added Dr. Jindal.

Dr. Jindal further said  that the robotic approach allows for better control of blood vessels due to the improved dexterity of the robotic instruments. This can lead to reduced blood loss during surgery. "Patients undergoing robotic gynae surgeries  often experience shorter hospital stays compared to open surgery. This is due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure and faster recovery times. It typically results in less post-operative pain and discomfort, enabling patients to return to their daily activities sooner compared to open surgery. Smaller incisions in robotic surgery reduce the risk of infection as compared to open surgery," said Dr Preeti.

Dr. Preeti Jindal sharing more details  said that the smaller incisions used in robotic surgery lead to smaller scars, contributing to improved cosmetic outcomes and reduced emotional impact for patients. "The modern approach often results in a better patient experience due to reduced pain, faster recovery, and shorter hospital stays. However, not all patients are suitable for this procedure. Factors such as a patient's medical history, anatomy, and underlying conditions play a role in determining the most appropriate surgical approach. Consulting with a medical professional is crucial to make an informed decision based on individual circumstances,” she added.

It is pertinent to mention that Dr. Preeti Jindal is also an expert in curing recurrent miscarriage. She has expertise in handling high-risk pregnancies and is an authority in cosmetic gynaecology.

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