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Brampton Immigration Consultancy and Toronto Metropolitan University Unite to Establish $100,000 Award for International Students

Chandigarh, Brampton, Ontario, September 19, 2023] - Brampton Immigration Consultancy (BIC), a leading licensed immigration agency specializing in student recruitment and admission assistance for prestigious educational institutions across Canada, is thrilled to announce an impactful partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Under this exciting collaboration, BIC has generously contributed $50,000 to establish the Brampton Immigration Consultancy Award for international students. TMU, in a remarkable gesture of solidarity, is matching this contribution with an additional $50,000 through the President's Awards to Champion Equity (PACE), creating a substantial total fund of $100,000.

As the cost of living in Canada continues to rise, international students face unique challenges. often balancing part-time employment with their education. In light of these challenges, the Brampton Immigration Consultancy Award takes on an even more critical role. BIC's vision is to provide a lifeline to exceptionally talented individuals, alleviating their financial burdens and allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their academic journey and personal growth.

Sandeep Singh, Marketing Director at BIC, stated, "We recognize the growing cost of living in Canada, which presents a significant hurdle, especially for international students striving to balance part-time jobs with their education. The Brampton Immigration Consultancy Award is our commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of these students, empowering them to achieve their educational aspirations."

"At TMU, we know that post-secondary education transforms lives," says Mohamed Lachemi,

President and Vice-Chancellor, Toronto Metropolitan University. "I am grateful to Brampton

Immigration Consultancy for partnering with us to open the door to quality education for

International students."

Brampton Immigration Consultancy and Toronto Metropolitan University are steadfast in their commitment to providing improved access to quality education and levelling the playing field. The Brampton Immigration Consultancy Award stands as a testament to their dedication to building a more inclusive and equitable world through education.

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