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Bariatric Surgery: Long term solution for weight loss - Dr Amit Garg

Chandigarh 14 September 2023 :Obesity is an escalating global epidemic that is threatening health resources worldwide. It is a complex disease imbued with significant social and psychological

dimensions that impedes successful management long-term. Bariatric surgery is cost-effective and produces superior weight loss, remission of obesity-related disease and a higher quality of life.

Addressing a press conference here in Chandigarh today, Dr Amit Garg, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, shared, “Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the country and its incidence is very high in Punjab. In urban areas, a sedentary lifestyle is another major cause of obesity. Early prevention is the need of the hour to avoid an entire generation from falling prey to heart ailments, hypertension and diabetic complications. While there is no easy cure for obesity, making a change in lifestyle and dietary habits can help reduce weight.” 

 “For many obese individuals, Bariatric Surgery provides the most effective long-term solution for weight loss when other methods have failed.” The Bariatric program at Fortis Hospital, Mohali is the most comprehensive program in the region which is designed and directed by Dr Amit Garg and is  supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists.

In addition to weight loss and improved quality of life, Bariatric Surgery has been shown to improve or resolve type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, joint pain, hormonal issues, pcod, high cholesterol. Bariatric surgeries are performed laparoscopically, which means they involve making several small incisions that are closed with only a few stitches, resulting in fewer complications and a much quicker recovery time for patients. Now non-surgical option like gastric balloon is also available at the centre.

Bariatric Surgery is covered in insurance for people with a BMI over 35 with other obesity-related health conditions, or a BMI over 40 and has tried various weight loss plans with no results.

At the press conference many patients who have undergone bariatric/ metabolic surgery shared their success stories.

Mr Saurabh Mahajan, 40 yrs old from Chandigarh, who underwent bariatric surgery shared, ‘ With a body weight of 158 kg, was leading a poor quality of life with type 2 diabetes and severe sleep apnea. After weight loss surgery, I have lost 63 kgs and I am free from Diabetes, sleep apnea and off all medicine and leading an active life.”

Mrs Krishan Garg,  61 yr old form Chandigarh shared,”I got freedom from breathlessness and severe knee pain after getting weight loss surgery by Dr Amit Garg."

Ms Harpreet Kaur, 31 yrs old from Mohali, who lost 35 kgs in 9 months post bariatric surgery shared, “Being morbid obese with a BMI of 40, I was diagnosed with hypertension at a very early age. After undergoing bariatric surgery by Dr Amit Garg, my self confidence is boosted in every step I take and now I feel full of energy.

Mr Vinod Bansal, 64 yrs old from Mohali shared,  he underwent bariatric surgery with a body weight of 114 kg and his current weight is 81 kgs, “I had hypertension, chronic swelling in feet and severe breathlessness on walking even small distance. I thought now this is what my life is going to be. But after getting bariatric surgery from Dr Amit Garg, I got relief from all my health issues. I feel very energetic and I feel 10 years younger now.”

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