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12 year girl with bone cancer gets a new lease of life at Paras Health Panchkula

Panchkula, September 9:  A 12 yrs old Jammu girl suffering from Ewing's Sarcoma, a type of aggressive bone cancer, got a new lease of life after a successful treatment at region’s leading healthcare provider Paras Health, Panchkula .
Dr Jagandeep Singh Virk, Consultant, Ortho-Oncosurgery at Paras Health, Panchkula who performed Limb Salvage Surgery/ Limb Preservation Surgery using Cryotherapy technique on girl said that the child was diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg bone (tibia) 2 months back after which she underwent chemotherapy initially.
In this unique surgery, the cancerous bone is resected out of the body and recycled/ sterilized in the operation theatre using liquid nitrogen/ cryotherapy technique. The resected cancerous bone was dipped in liquid nitrogen (which is a liquid chemical at minus 196 degrees celsius) for about 20 minutes and then thawed  (kept at OT room temperature for another 15 minutes) and then dipped in distilled water for 10 minutes and then re-implanted back in the patient in her leg from where it was taken out.
This cryotherapy technique kills all the cancerous cells in the bone and sterilizes the bone before it is re-implanted in the patient, maintained Dr Jagandeep Singh Virk. This technique is also called Recycling Autograft technique since the same cancerous bone is recycled/ sterilized and put back from where it was taken out in the patient.
After the surgery, from the next day onwards the girl was made to stand and made to start walking with walker assistance and strength training and physiotherapy was started.
Complete healing of the osteotomy sites (site from where bone is cut) can be expected by 6-7months by which time the patients can resume all normal activities like running, cycling and all other routine activities which other children do of their age-group.
Giving further information Dr Jagandeep Singh Virk said that this technique was initially started by Japanese Surgeons few years back and has been employed in thousands of bone cancer patients with very good results.
The same technique is well-documented in medical and scientific Literature and has been adopted by other countries including India also in various cancer centres. This technique not only kills all the cancer cells but at the same time preserves the natural Bone collagen which gives strength to our bones and is required for healing at the sites from where the bone has been cut.
Meanwhile Dr Jagandeep Singh Virk after his training at various cancer centres in India and Singapore, mastered this technique and has used it in 16 patients of bone cancer till now. 6 of these 16 surgeries have been done at Paras Health, Panchkula mostly in young children.
Patients have come from Punjab, Ghaziabad, Jammu, Ambala and even foreign countries like Canada for getting this surgery done by this technique from Dr Jagandeep Singh Virk who is a renowned Bone Tumour and Cancer Specialist. He is the only surgeon in this region of Haryana and Punjab, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan who uses this technique to cure Bone Cancer patients.
Dr Jagandeep Singh Virk has performed Limb Salvage Surgeries/ Limb Preservation Surgeries in more than 450 patients till now at Paras Health, Panchkula in the past 4 years for Bone Tumour and Bone Cancer patients from all over India as well abroad from countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia and the UK.
Mr Gurkirat Singh, Facility Director, Paras Health Panchkula said,'' With this surgery Paras Health Panchkula has again taken a lead in applying the latest technique and development in medicine while treating the patients. In fact this unique surgery of bone cancer by our doctors has set another benchmark in medical treatment especially in oncology.``

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