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NRIs Healthcare Assistance Langar Sewa by Global Middas Foundation (GMF)

Chandigarh Sep 22,2023;Sardar Inder Preet Singh, founder of GMF, a charitable organization based out of Delhi Informed that a dedicated Medical Assistance desk has been established as part of its Healthcare Langar Sewa to facilitate, coordinate and cater from Consultation to Treatment the various healthcare needs for International & NRI patients. Incase NRIs & International Patients wants GMF to take up their medical cases and refer it to a reputed healthcare service provider such as Hospital in a specific region for a particular treatment, than the coordination for the same can be taken up by GMF. 

Even at local level assistance from visas, stay, travel, post treatment follow up all such being a charitable organization is provided even for those who are looking to avail Social Security in their country but are looking for coordinated support and care for such international healthcare treatments at local level. So that both at patient level and at healthcare facility level all documentation, compliances and entire process is independently taken up by a charitable professional organization.

More details are available at, Helpline Nos. 8368018195, 9289334641, 9289351596 or mail us at & In Delhi, Punjab & Uttrakhand as of now these services are available. 

Already multiple  embassies have been informed about this initiative to provide assistance to NRIs by GMF.
In case an NRI wishes to provide medical or healthcare facilities to their family members back in India this too can be coordinated by GMF with local hospitals, nursing home and other healthcare services institutions and organizations. GMF has within its group all the necessary compliances and registrations in order to sponsor a treatment either through means of FCRA or locally from within India and thus avail the benefits of concessional discounted sponsored treatment from any part of the world. This given an additional benefit for those who wish to get their treatments supported by sponsorship programs and come to India for affordable yet quality healthcare facilities.  

All healthcare awareness initiatives, medical healthcare related content creation, camps, treatments, surgeries, healthcare facility developments etc. can be supported through sponsorship within India & avail 80G & 12AA benefits and through foreign Sponsorship through donations under FCRA. It’s a collaborative efforts to provide Quality & Affordable Healthcare Services to all across the globe and also assist them in taking such sponsored treatments whether internationally through FCRA or through local sponsorship donated programs within India & avail 80G & 12AA benefits. Global Middas Foundation (GMF) in association with Arihant Hospital Dehradun is providing concessional discount of 20% on critical disease treatment like Cancer, Kidney Transplant & Dialysis, Cardiac care, Drug abuse & Rehabilitation & IVF etc. as part of its Healthcare Langar Sewa for NRIs.

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