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The Shining Stars of India Book of Records

Chandigarh: The number of individuals and institutions finding a significant place in the India Book of Records (IBR) -- India's leading record-setting platform, is growing day by day. Some of its stories are really mind-boggling and inspiring.
The Art of Living Foundation created two records for the largest number of people reciting Ganesh Atharvashirsha and the largest number of people taking the pledge for a drug-free India in a place, entering the ABR also. A total of 54,560 people recited the hymn at Suryakant Kakde Farm, Pune, while 1,26,613 students participated in the Drug-Free India campaign. The event was supported by Pune University. Art of Living founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis graced the event. On the announcement of the records, Sri Sri Ravishankar said, “It is a matter of pride for all of us to be named in the India Book of Records.”
Drifting a car is not an ordinary task. But the Power Drift Studios set the record for unboxing a smartphone while performing the fastest drift in a sports car. Gaurav Gill, a champion of premier car races in the country, achieved this feat by unboxing the OnePlus 11 mobile while drifting a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder at a speed of 205.47 kmph at the NATRAX automotive test tracks, Pithampur.
Shivam Vinayak Darwatkar (12) set a record for visiting the maximum number of forts in a day. He started the 14-forts campaign from Varugarh Fort in Maharashtra and finished it at Sinhagad the same night. Aurangabad Municipal Corporation set a record for the largest Warli painting on a wall when a group of 100 women showcased the city's culture and history by painting a 3,200 sq ft wall.
The record for the maximum number of people performing Surya Namaskar together was created by the Sakal Group. The mass Surya Namaskar and Omkar programs were organized at 2000 places in Maharashtra, in which 5,67,000 people took part. The record for being the youngest TEDx speaker was set by Advait Kolarkar (8) of Pune, who got into ABR by giving a TEDx talk at Indraprastha University, Delhi.
The record for the maximum number of hula hoop spins in 1 minute was set by Aanvi Reema Saneesh of Kannur. She performed 195 spins in a minute at the age of 5 years, 5 months, and 14 days. With the electric vehicles making their way, Hyundai (India) set a record for the fastest EV run, covering the 7 Wonders of India. The Hyundai IONIQ-5 team embarked on a journey from Delhi to visit the Golden Temple, Taj Mahal, Khajuraho, Nalanda, Sun Temple, Hampi and Gomateshwara, covering 6458 km.
Chinmay Prabhu (24) created the record for making the largest mosaic of Sai Baba using 4212 Rubik's Cubes at Sai Teerth Bhakti Theme Park, Shirdi. Then, the record for performing a continuous drift for the longest duration in a car was set by Launch Control India at the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, when Mudit Grover, driving a modified Mercedes Benz C-Class, drifted non-stop for 19 minutes, 20 seconds. For more information log on:

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