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Will Pushpa be able to expose Viren’s true face and carry on her father’s legacy

Sony SAB's "Pushpa Impossible" revolves around the inspiring journey of Pushpa, portrayed by the talented Karuna Pandey. Pushpa is a remarkable woman who defies all odds with her indomitable spirit and optimistic outlook. Alongside fearlessly pursuing her aspirations, she effortlessly manages her parental duties. Whether it's excelling in her studies or tirelessly providing for her family, she embodies hope and persistently strives for a better and more fulfilling future.
In the recent episodes, we can see that Pushpa was invited to inaugurate her father’s statue in Patan, but when she reached there, she found the statue missing. Devastated by the revelation, Pushpa begins her search for the statue, unearthing a series of incidents from the past that lead her to a startling discovery. It turns out that the person behind her father's death is none other than Viren (Hemant Kher), the very organizer of the program in Patan. Shocked by this revelation, Pushpa confronts Viren, demanding answers and seeking justice for her father. She delves deeper into the tangled web of secrets and lies, realizing that her father's death was not an accident, but a deliberate act orchestrated by Viren. Determined to expose Viren's nefarious deeds to the world, Pushpa embarks on a mission to uncover the truth and ensure her father's memory is honored.
Will Pushpa be successful in exposing Viren's nefarious deeds and carrying forth her father’s legacy ahead?
Karuna Pandey, who plays the character of Pushpa, said, "I feel privileged to bring the strong character of Pushpa to life in Sony SAB's Pushpa Impossible. Through a compelling storyline, recent episodes have taken an unexpected twist as Pushpa's journey to unveil her father's statue in Patan unravels a shocking truth - the very person who organized the event, Viren, is responsible for her father's demise. This narrative emphasizes the significance of truth and justice, resonating deeply with me."

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