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Mahajan Group prepares for their grand 75th Anniversary in Sony SAB’sVanshaj

Mumbai, July 18, 2023: Sony SAB's Vanshaj captivates viewers with its compelling storyline, weaving
together family conflicts, political drama, and complex relationships within a prosperous business
dynasty. As the narrative unfolds, Yuvika, portrayed by Anjali Tatrari, emerges as a determined
Mahajan, eager to establish her worthiness within the empire and carve out her own space. With each
step, Yuvika strives to prove her mettle and make a mark amidst the Mahajan family. In the upcoming
episodes, Yuvika is entrusted with the crucial task of creating an AV for the 75th anniversary of the
Mahajan business and sees this as an opportunity to showcase her creativity and make a lasting impact.
However, the journey ahead for Yuvika has its challenges. A new method, devised by DJ, emerges as a
cunning strategy to pull Yuvika down. As the stakes grow higher, Yuvika finds herself facing unexpected
obstacles and encounters resistance from within the Mahajan empire. As the 75th-anniversary
approaches she pours her heart and soul into creating a captivating AV about Mahajan’s journey in
establishing a successful business, showcasing her talent, creativity, and commitment to the Mahajan
legacy. The pressure mounts, but Yuvika's unwavering belief in herself and her abilities drives her
Will Yuvika be able to prove herself when entrusted with the crucial task of creating the AV for the
anniversary event?
Anjali Tatrari, who plays the character of Yuvika, said, “While Yuvika has made her way to the
Mahajan house, she still has to make her mark as a person who is capable of carrying the business
forward and she strives her best to put together a great showcase of the work done by the Mahajan
Group particularly celebrating the role of Dadababu (played by Puneet Issar). But like all her endeavours
so far, this task is also full of challenges. It will be interesting to see if Yuvika with her determination
overcomes the obstacles that come up along the way.”

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