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Will Pushpa be able to find out who has stolen her father’s statue in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible?

National:Sony SAB's "Pushpa Impossible" revolves around the inspiring journey of Pushpa, portrayed by the talented Karuna Pandey. Pushpa is a remarkable woman who defies all odds with her indomitable spirit and embodies hope, persistently striving for a better and more fulfilling future.
The upcoming storyline focuses on Pushpa's invitation as the chief guest to the town of Patan with an invite extended by Viren (Hemant Kher), a prominent Patola businessman in the region. During the event, her father's statue is set to be unveiled by Pushpa herself. A source of inspiration for her, Pushpa’s father’s artistry and expertise in using "hathchal" (a traditional weaving technique) for creating "patola" sarees has always captivated her. This opportunity fills Pushpa with great excitement as it allows her to delve deeper into her father's legacy. However, things take an unexpected turn in Patan when someone steals her father's statue.
Will Pushpa be able to find the person behind such a deed?
Karuna Pandey, who plays the character of Pushpa, said, "Pushpa is faced with new challenges at various instances in her life, and this time, when she reaches Patan for a momentous occasion, commemorating her father, she encounters a new challenge as her father’s statue goes missing. The series of events that unfold will stun the audience as Pushpa grapples with a new situation at hand, while she’s visiting Patola."
Stay tuned and watch Pushpa Impossible, Mon-Sat, 9:30 PM for more twists only on Sony SAB

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