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DMCH Cancer Care Centre and American Oncology Institute (AOI) Successfully Treats Stage IVB Hodgkin Lymphoma

Ludhiana : DMCH Cancer Care Centre, Ludhiana in collaboration with American Oncology Institute (AOI) triumphs in treating a case of mixed cellularity classical Hodgkin lymphoma at Stage IVB. Hailing from SBS Nagar, a 55-year-old male faced the daunting diagnosis of mixed cellularity classical Hodgkin lymphoma at an advanced Stage IVB.This specific type of Hodgkin lymphoma is characterized by the presence of different types of cells within the cancerous tissue. Stage IVB indicates that the cancer has spread widely to other parts of the body beyond the lymph nodes. The medical teams at DMCH Cancer Care Centre and AOI Ludhiana meticulously personalized treatment plans for the patient. The journey began with two cycles of ABVD, a chemotherapy regimen combining four distinct medications known to be effective against Hodgkin lymphoma. Following these initial cycles, a comprehensive whole-body PET-CT scan was conducted. This advanced imaging technique showed a remarkable metabolic resolution, a positive sign that the treatment was effectively targeting the cancer cells. Encouraged by this progress, the medical team proceeded with additional cycles of ABVD, optimizing the treatment to the patient's specific needs.Dr Jagdeep Singh, Medical Oncologist, AOI Ludhiana, shared his insights into the significance of this achievement. "The Stage IVB is the most advanced stage of Hodgkin Lymphoma type of cancer. It requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach. Our goal was not just to fight the disease, but also to enhance the patient's quality of life throughout the treatment journey. By integrating advanced medical strategies with personalized care, we are working towards improved outcomes and renewed hope for our patients. Our patient-centric approach has led to this inspiring outcome."After the patient completed the subsequent cycles of chemotherapy, another whole-body PET-CT scan was conducted. Once again, the results demonstrated a metabolic resolution, reaffirming the success of the treatment strategy in the battle against Hodgkin lymphoma.Dr Neeraj Bishnoi, Regional Chief Operating Officer (COO) at AOI Ludhiana, further highlighted the collaboration's role in this achievement. "AOI Ludhiana is dedicated to providing the highest standard of cancer care through a synergy of medical advancements and collaborative efforts. This case exemplifies the successful integration of medical expertise and innovative solutions to achieve positive patient outcomes. We are committed to offering best-in-class clinical expertise, technological superiority, and service excellence for our patients."

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