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American Oncology Institute (AOI) Hisar Successfully Treats Carcinoma of the Base of Tongue and Tonsil with Cutting-Edge Radiotherapy Technique

Hisar : American Oncology Institute (AOI) Hisar successfully treats a 62-year-old male diagnosed with Carcinoma of the Base of Tongue which was locally advanced and infiltrating to bilateral tonsillar area. It is a type of cancer that originates in the tissues of the base of the tongue and infiltrates surrounding tissue. Oropharynx / Base of tongue located towards the back of the mouth and near the entrance of the digestive and respiratory tracts. The multidisciplinary team at AOI Hisar designed a comprehensive treatment plan to address this challenging condition and leveraging advanced radiotherapy techniques.

 The patient underwent a meticulous treatment plan which involved immobilization with an Orfit head & neck cast. A planning CT-scan was conducted to provide the basis for precise targeting. Under the guidance of Dr Sumeet Aggarwal, Radiation Oncologist, the target and organs at risk were meticulously contoured. This detailed information was then employed by a physicist to formulate a treatment plan using the Eclipse treatment planning system.

"In India Head and Neck Cancers (HNCs) are the most common cancer among men and rank 2nd overall. There is wide variation in the incidence and anatomic distribution of HNCs in India. Over 200,000 cases of head and neck cancers occur each year in India. At AOI, our ability to treat Carcinoma of the Base of Tongue and Tonsil using advanced radiotherapy techniques showcases the power of innovation and collaboration. This success story signifies our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible care to our patients.," stated Dr Sumeet Aggarwal.


The patient was immobilized with Head and Neck Cast for motion control during radiation and treated by radical radiotherapy with IGRT technique and CT scan based simulation. This advanced treatment was delivered through a 6MV photon on the VARIAN Rapid Arc Linear Accelerator, a cutting-edge device renowned for its precision and effectiveness in delivering focused radiation. Throughout the treatment journey, the patient exhibited remarkable tolerance and resilience, successfully completing the planned Radiotherapy regimen. This achievement underscores AOI Hisar's commitment to providing comprehensive care that minimizes treatment-related discomfort while maximizing effectiveness.


Dr Amit Dhawan, Regional COO, American Oncology Institute, Hisar said, “Head and neck cancer is a prevalent health problem with considerably high morbidity and mortality. AOI Hisar's achievement in treating complex cases like Carcinoma of the Base of Tongue and Tonsil demonstrates our relentless pursuit of medical excellence. Through advanced techniques and the expertise of our medical teams, we aim to redefine cancer care in our region.”


American Oncology Institute Hisar is a renowned cancer treatment facility. They have individualized and comprehensive integrated treatment plans based on a patient’s individual case. AOI has expanded its network of super-specialty cancer hospitals in India and across South Asia. The institute is recognized for not just catering to the needs of the patients, but also for its convenient location. AOI facility at Hisar offers convenient access to all the patients in the adjoining cities. Besides, the hospital provides comprehensive cancer treatment services to its patients that include Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and Medical Oncology for people across all age groups. Combined with the patient-first attitude, our services give us a unique edge in the healthcare sector. At AOI, with some of the best oncologists in Hisar, they follow a multidisciplinary approach to prevention and cancer treatment with utmost compassion and care.

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