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Dilip Patel brings out his evil side and plans to eliminate Jugal on Holi in Sony SAB’s ‘Pushpa Impossible’

Mumbai, Sony SAB's show 'Pushpa Impossible' keeps drawing in viewers with the heartwarming story of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as she faces tough challenges in life but keeps going with a strong and inspiring attitude. In recent episodes, viewers witnessed that Pushpa has now assumed the position of Mohalla Adhyaksh and is taking on new challenges head-on. With the festival of Holi now approaching, Pushpa, along with her family and chawl members, is preparing for the festival.
In the next few episodes, viewers will see Pushpa’s ex-husband Dilip Patel's (Jayesh More) friend trying to convince him to get rid of her childhood friend Jugal (Anshul Trivedi) once and for all. Dilip, too, believes that Jugal is the only obstacle between him and Pushpa, and therefore, plots to eliminate Jugal on Holi.  Since everyone will be covered in colors during the festival, Dilip thinks that no one will recognize him as the culprit. Planting a bomb in a tray full of colors, Dilip gives it to Jugal. As the bomb explodes, viewers will be on edge to see if Dilip's plan succeeds or if will Pushpa save Jugal in the nick of time.
Jayesh More, who plays the role of Dilip Patel says, "Every day, Dilip tries to leave his past mistakes behind and thinks of not repeating the same, but whenever Dilip sees Jugal with Pushpa, he feels a lot of emotions. Even though he wants to change, he still gets really angry when they're together. Dilip is always fighting between wanting to be better and feeling jealous. Once again he lets his evil side take over his logical mind and he chooses Holi as the perfect occasion to get rid of Jugal and uses this opportunity to get closer to Pushpa.”
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