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The wait is over! Your favourite ninja is back! Naruto Uzumaki's journey continues in Naruto: Shippuden

Chandigarh: Get ready to step into a world of exciting clashes, powerful demons, and the unyielding spirit of a young hero. Whether you’re a fan of the ninja-way or simply a seeker of adventure, look no further, Naruto, the resilient, young boy once set out on an undaunted quest to become the Hokage: the village leader. After three years of training, he is back as a young adult, facing new enemies and battling new challenges on Naruto: Shippuden on Sony YAY!

 Prepare to be blown away by new ninja techniques, thrilling aerial battles and intense sword fights, as Naruto faces some of his biggest challenges yet. He must protect his village and his loved ones from the mysterious Akatsuki organisation but that’s not all. The past threatens Naruto with a web of hidden secrets, along with his inner demons. He must also face the return of his close friend turned rival - Sasuke Uchiha, the brooding ninja with the Sharingan eye. Witness Naruto Uzumaki’s story of growth, struggles, and triumphs on his path to becoming the ultimate ninja in Naruto: Shippuden on Sony YAY!

~ Watch how Naruto Uzumaki overcomes new foes and new challenges in Naruto: Shippuden on Sony YAY- Mon to Fri 10 PM! ~

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