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Need to make people aware of stock, financial market: Experts

Chandigarh 26 March 2024: The Citizen Awareness Group (CAG) in association with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) organised an investors awareness programme in Chandigarh Press Club, Sector 27, Chandigarh.

Surinder Verma, Chairman of Citizens Awareness Group, gave a detailed insight into creating wealth from stock markets through the latest technological advancements. He spoke about how mobile apps have become popular in trading and stressed on the challenges of adopting technology and how to overcome them. He also brought to the fore the risks technology poses, like data thefts, glitches, etc., that cause losses, but the right use of technology can bring long-term gains. He said the awareness pertaining to the stock market is lacking among investors. There had been a lot of hesitance which eventually led to wrong decisions due to lack of information. Hence, the role of such a platform helps the investors to cope with such situations.


Vir Sahab Singh, Deputy General Manager, SEBI, discussed the role of securities market, savings and investments. He talked about the role and functioning of SEBI as a regulator of financial markets and emphasized that investors must apply discipline and due diligence while investing.


He also revealed Indians top the chart in ‘Saving Grade’ globally but unfortunately they fail to convert their savings in investments and miss the chances of returns handsomely due to the lack of financial awareness. Despite having vivid options like stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other forms of market investments, investors have yet to utilize their tools so far to the fullest.


Inderjit Singh, Manager from CDSL, discussed the need of financial planning. He said people should invest judiciously after knowing the features of investment avenues and also be aware about Demat, Depository Services, Rights & Obligation and Grievance  Mechanism to Investors.


The program was followed by the Q&A session wherein investors cleared their doubts.

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