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PokerBaazi's Shuffled 2.0: A Grand Unveiling of the Year's Most Noteworthy User Moments on the Poker Tables

Chandigarh, 08 December, 2023: PokerBaazi, India’s biggest skill-based Poker platform, has announced the second edition of its annual wrap, PokerBaazi Shuffled. Aimed at capturing the players’ highlights in an intriguing and engaging manner, the wrap is a segue into the user’s journey on the PokerBaazi platform capturing their brag-

worthy highlights like number of days played, favourite emoji, favourite opponents and amongst others. While all users will be able to access information on how the year has progressed for them on the app, the top 20% percentile from every category will be extended a brag worthy badge that can be shared on social media platforms.

 PokerBaazi is the only skill-based poker platform in the country that extends an annual wrap to its users. This year, the company decided to go above and beyond with the categories that comprise: number of days played, biggest hand won, favourite emoji, most used throwable, favourite opponent – player you won against the most, best friend – player you played the most with, number of tournaments played, number of tournaments cashed, biggest tournament winning , number of times you were a rank holder in tournaments and medallists from the player’s state.


Further, in the annual recap, it is revealed that 77% of the players used the ‘Banana’ throwable at the table with 51% used the ‘fox laughing’ emoji


Commenting on the launch of PokerBaazi Shuffled 2.0, Navkiran Singh, CEO & Founder, Baazi Games shared, “The Indian Poker community continues to grow by leaps and bounds and becoming more engaged with every passing day. With elevated user engagement and experience at the core of PokerBaazi’s fundamentals, we are elated to launch the second edition of Shuffled to give our users a glimpse into their journey on the platform in 2023.”


When dissecting the geographical performance for the year, West Bengal followed by Delhi and Maharashtra emerged as gaming hotspots recording the maximum number of tournaments played by a user. West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi also saw most number of winnings cashed. To access Shuffled, PokerBaazi users simply have to login to the app.

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