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Experience an emotional rollercoaster in Sony SAB’s 'Aangan Aapno Kaa' as Jaidev's quest for Pallavi's marriage sparks tension

Mumbai, December 8, 2023: Sony SAB's latest show Aangan Aapno Kaa, brings warmth to audiences viewing experience with a touching story of Jaidev Sharma (Mahesh Thakur), a dedicated single father and his unbreakable bond with his three daughters. In this family saga, Ayushi Khurana plays the spirited youngest daughter Pallavi Sharma, Aditi Rathore the obedient Tanvi Sharma, and Neetha Shetty the eldest daughter, Deepika Sharma and each contribute a unique flavor to the story.
As the curtain rises on the Sharma family and their dynamics unfold, audiences will see Pallavi's firm decision to remain unmarried and prioritise her father over everything else. Pallavi being the youngest in the family, has seen her sisters’ priorities change after their marriage and this has strengthened her resolve to put her father first. Her father Jaidev, on the other hand, wants his daughter to get married and the narrative takes an interesting turn when Jaidev, in his well-meaning efforts sets up a matrimonial profile for Pallavi. This leads to tensions between the caring father and his determined daughter. Viewers can anticipate a journey filled with diverse perspectives and emotional layers as they delve deeper into the heartwarming show.
Mahesh Thakur, who essays the role of Jaidev, said, “Mahesh Thakur, portraying Jaidev, expressed, "Anticipation fills the air for this thrilling week ahead. We invite the viewers on an emotional journey into the intricate dynamics of the Sharma family. My sincere hope is that the audience warmly welcomes us into their hearts. Amidst the challenges faced by a single father raising three daughters, the show artfully captures the spectrum of emotions—laughter, tears, and those genuine moments that define the uniqueness of a family. I am elated as we finally reveal the culmination of our heartfelt dedication and effort.”
Tune in to watch Aangan Aapno Kaa only on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 PM

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