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Little one’s impress in Vivek High Mohali’s Annual Production ‘Hi - 5’

Mohali, Dec 1, 2023::The stage at Vivek High School(VHS), Mohali, came alive with vibrant energy as talented ‘Montessori Toddlers’ which comprised little ones from pre-nursery  and ‘Environments’ which included children from nursery to Ukg presented their much-anticipated Annual production, 'Hi - 5.'
Mrs. Meenu Sahi, Director of Montessori, VHS, Mohali, said, “Montessori is a scientifically based approach to education that emphasises independence and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. We at VHS, Mohali, create just the right learning environment for our students, to achieve an education that is based on hands-on learning and collaborative play, which are at the core of the Montessori method.”
Mrs. Harbina Randhawa, Principal of VHS, Mohali, while commending the students' confidence in flawlessly carrying out the entire production said, “The children guided by the practical teaching that Montessori advocates, mesmerized the audience with a breath-taking Annual Production. The production’s theme centred around the appreciation of the five elements of nature of which Mother Earth is made of, and which focused on land and water forms present on earth. The children unveiled the intricacies of earth's contours and imparted intriguing insights into the elements shaping its surface.”

Meenakshi Madaan, Head of Junior Wing, said the Montessori Environments children have excelled, delving into diverse land and water formations, understanding their responsibility in preserving the Earth for the future, embracing cultural diversity, and recognizing the intimate connection between geography and culture—all achieved through the collaborative efforts of both children and teachers.

The play was directed by Mrs. Mugdha a multitalented personality, who is active in the tricity’s theatre world.

Guided by their enthusiasm and knowledge, the children embarked on a captivating musical performance featuring dances from diverse corners of the globe, set to enchanting sound tracks inspired by terrestrial and aquatic landscapes.  The performance was a seamless blend of foot-tapping dances and melodious songs, each intricately themed around the diverse landscapes of planet earth. Through their vibrant choreography, complemented by colourful and intricate costumes, the students vividly depicted the cultural richness and geographic diversity of humanity.

The confidence and skill displayed by the young performers left an indelible mark on the audience, earning accolades from both management and parents alike.

The 'Hi - 5' production not only showcased the talent of these extremely young individuals but also underscored the importance of celebrating and preserving the natural wonders that surround us all.

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