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CRB Public School, Sector 7 B, Chandigarh, celebrated its Annual Day, "Jazz Fest 2023"

Chandigarh Dec 10,2023:CRB Public School, Sector 7 B, Chandigarh, celebrated its Annual Day, 'Jazz Fest 2023,' at Tagore Theatre, with great zeal and enthusiasm. 

The event commenced with the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony by the honorable Chief Guest, Dr. Alka Gupta, and Dr. Sudhir Gupta, along with the Director Shri N.K. Mittal and the Principal Smt. Sangeeta Mittal.

The program began with a captivating Vandana, where the students of class VII and VIII mesmerized everyone with their presentation. Following this, the children entertained the audience with diverse performances, including folk dance, Western dance, drama, and more. Students of class I and II showcased their talents on Western tunes, earning admiration from the audience.

A particularly noteworthy moment was the impactful short drama by class VII students, conveying a message against wasting food. The kindergarten students' dance performance was a pleasant surprise, receiving applause and encouragement. Class V students presented on the increasing use of mobile phones, while the kindergartners emphasized the importance of nutritious food with their presentation on *'No junk food, eat healthy'*.

Students from senior classes enlightened the audience with a presentation on Yoga asanas, promoting health awareness. Class IV students created a patriotic atmosphere with a dance performance, and the energetic Bhangra performance compelled the audience to tap along to the beats of Punjabi songs.

The show, featuring a blend of folk, hip-hop, Western, and theatrical dance forms, held the audience in awe and left them enlightened as it culminated. Shri N.K. Mittal, and Smt. Sangeeta Mittal expressed gratitude to the students, parents, choreographers, and teachers for the program's success. 

They emphasized the importance of student participation in school activities, noting that such engagements contribute significantly to the learning process, instill confidence, and foster enthusiasm. The CRB Public School's primary objective is “to ensure every student achieves success in every field”

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