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I am trying to give justice to every emotion and enjoying it to my fullest

Mumbai, : Jayesh Bharbhaya brings the character of Bapodara to life in Sony SAB’s show Pushpa Impossible. Bapodara, who began as a neighbor and nemesis of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), has come a long way in the show. A corporator by profession in the show, Bapodara is a powerful personality, however, his life is no less than a roller-coaster. In the recent episodes, Baporadra’s life was filled with multiple challenges. From his wife’s late pregnancy to being held responsible for a slum demolition, Bapoadara has been in many conflicts. Recently, the actor opened up about his journey on the show. 
1. How would you say Bapodara's character has evolved?
Bapodara being the owner of the chawl was coming across as a very nagging character, but over the period, Bapodara has come out with various shades. He is a loving and caring family man, who is also helpful and humourous at the same time. There is a lot to play and I am trying my best to give justice to every emotion and enjoying it to my fullest.
2. The show recently touched upon sensitive topics like late pregnancy. What do you say about showcasing such issues, considering Bapodara was embarrassed about the development?
Yes as the character Bapodara was embarrassed with the late pregnancy topic, but eventually he understood the sentiment and accepted it, in my opinion, it's really good to touch such sensitive topics cause it happens in reality. I have a friend who has gone through this in life, but people should understand it is natural and instead of getting embarrassed one should be sportive enough to face it. I am delighted that we can throw light on such issues with our show.
3. Bapodara's life is full of challenges - from being falsely accused of slum demolition to defending his daughter when she was found guilty of Bhaskar's death.  What life lesson have you learnt from Bapodara's journey?
Bapodara's life has been a real roller coaster, full of ups and downs, but there's a lot to learn from it. It's heartbreaking to go through such tough times. If I ever face a situation like this, I will do my best to provide food, as it's a basic necessity. Regarding Prathana's accident, I would advise never giving cars to kids who haven't taken proper driving lessons and don't have a license.
4. What message do you have for others who might find themselves in a similar situation, facing unjust accusations?
People facing false accusations should remain calm, gather evidence, and trust the legal system. Maintaining composure is crucial, as reacting impulsively can complicate the situation. Instead, they should 

focus on collecting facts and evidence that can support their innocence. This might include gathering documents, obtaining witness statements, and keeping records of all relevant communications. 
5. Without revealing much, what more can the audience expect from the storyline?
Always expect the unexpected from this show. Bapodara has been going through a lot as life has been throwing challenges at him constantly which the viewers can relate to. Viewers will be awaiting a roller coaster ride as my character will have to face the police and media too in the show due to opposition parties.
6. Is there any message for the fans of Pushpa Impossible?
Thank you for the overwhelming response and love for the show, and thank you for giving extreme affection to my character Bapodra, we will make sure to keep entertaining our audience always.
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