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Yoga Day and Music Day celebrated

Chandigarh: International Yoga Day and World Music Day were jointly celebrated to spread awareness about the health benefits of physical activity and music at a Mohali mall on Sunday. The event was organized by Cardiomersion, which is a global trust to spread awareness on cardiovascular diseases. 
The children, youngsters and aged walked the ramp to spread awareness on yoga and music importance in our healthy life during the occasion.
Speaking during the occasion, Dr. Deepak Puri, global chairman of Cardiomersion said that there has been an alarming rise in sudden cardiac deaths among youngsters nowadays, which has become more frequent since the onset of Covid pandemic.
“In the last two years there has been a 29.6 percent increase in fatal heart attacks in the age group of 25 to 45 years. The fatal heart attacks occur 10 times more frequently in those who did not need hospitalization for severe Covid complications while they occurred nearly 100 times more frequently in those who needed admission to ICU for Covid complications.”
Dr. Puri further informed that apart from Covid there are other risk factors like hereditary, racial, gender and age.
On the other hand modifiable risk factors like smoking, obesity, alcohol abuse, addictions, dietary irregularities, stress, high blood pressure, high sugar levels as well as cholesterol play vital additive roles also.
There is evidence that unstable relationships increase risk of heart attacks and other lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure, he maintained.
Moreover there has been a rise of heart attacks in apparently fit youngsters who do excessive gyming, Dr. Puri pointed out.
Meanwhile Dr. Puri has also directed a short film ‘ Rakhiye Dili la khayal Dil se’ , which was nominated in the short film category in several film festivals.
The movie highlights why young Indians are having sudden fatal heart attacks and how they can prevent them as well as what should be done if a heart attack occurs.
The film was also screened during the occasion for public awareness.
Apart from yoga sessions about scientific evidence of yoga for cardiovascular health, yoga for general wellbeing and tele-yoga, a panel discussion on ‘guidelines for physical activity- physiotherapy vs gym vs yoga vs aerobics vs zumba vs pilates’ was also held.
Experts from respective fields participated in the panel discussion to clarify merits and demerits of each modality.
Expert dietitians also highlighted the guidelines for balanced diet and clarified myths on the role of fancy diets and supplements.
Dr. Nidhi, Dean AIIMS Bilaspur highlighted UGC guidelines for physical activity among students while Dean Rayat Bahra University shared students health issues of concern. Dr. Surabhi from AIIMS Delhi shared knowledge about guidelines for prevention of cardiovascular diseases especially heart attacks.
Among others, Dr. SS Sodhi president IMA Mohali was also present during the occasion.

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