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DJ’s cunning plan exposes Yukti as an imposter, leading to her arrest in Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’

Mumbai, : Within the Mahajan dynasty on Sony SAB’s show Vanshaj, viewers are drawn into a mesmerising saga of complex relationships and the relentless pursuit of power. This causes tension within the Mahajan family and ignites a fierce rivalry between Yuvika and her cousin DJ (Mahir Pandhi). In recent episodes, DJ brings Yuvika’s lookalike Chinki, claiming that Chinki is the real Yuvika, leading everyone in the family to believe DJ. However, Yuvika’s mother Bhoomi (Gurdeep Punj) and love interest Neel (Mohit Kumar) start collecting evidence against Chinki to blow up DJ’s plan. 

The real Yuvika, who changed her appearance (her eyes, hair, and dressing style), is currently posing as Yukti in the Mahajan household and decides to overturn DJ’s plan. Meanwhile, DJ is one step ahead of her. He joins hands with Yukti’s former aid Mr Multani (Behzad Khan) to plot against Yuvika and take her out of their way. DJ orchestrates another plan where, along with Mr Multani, he transforms Yukti by altering her eyes to match Yuvika’s. On the other hand, Gargi (Parinitha Seth) gives her diary to the cops, in which she confesses her crimes against Yuvika, however, the information inside the diary turns out to be all against Yuvika. DJ uses this information against Yukti, proving her to be the imposter.

Will this be Yukti's ultimate downfall?

Mahir Pandhi, who plays the character of Digvijay Mahajan says, “DJ's game plan has reached a new level as he anticipates Yukti's every move, determined to expose her as a fraud. After having Yukti's eyes surgically altered to match Yuvika's, DJ embarks on a mission to convince everyone that Yukti is an imposter who has come to take Yuvika’s place and therefore, claiming a stake in the Mahajan household. In the upcoming episodes, DJ meticulously executes his masterplan, manipulating evidence and leveraging his alliances. DJ uses solid evidence to make sure Yukti goes to jail, succeeding in his plan to prove her guilt.”

Tune in to watch Vanshaj on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 7 PM and 10 PM

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