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Swara witnesses to a terrifying murder in Sony SAB's 'Pushpa Impossible'

Mumbai, : Sony SAB’s ‘Pushpa Impossible’ narrates the heartwarming tale of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as a resilient woman who takes life’s challenges head-on, without losing hope. In recent episodes, Pushpa’s son Ashwin (Naveen Pandita) is deeply shaken after his best friend Bhaskar (Vikram Mehta) died in an accident. The suddenness of Bhaskar’s death made Ashwin worried about his daughter Swara (Vrihi Kodvara), leading him to be overly protective and not allow her to go out.
In the upcoming episodes, viewers are in for a surprising twist. Swara finally gets permission to go on her school picnic after Dipti (Garima Parihar) convinces Ashwin that a change of environment would do her good. Reluctantly, Ashwin agrees, hoping the outing will help Swara relax and enjoy herself. Swara’s picnic begins on a cheerful note, however, the situation takes a dark turn when Swara stumbles upon a shocking scene. She witnesses a murder unfolding right before her eyes and sees the face of the killer too. This unexpected and terrifying event leaves Swara in a state of shock, and the audience will be on the edge of their seats, seeing this dangerous situation unfold.
Naveen Pandita, who essays the role of Ashwin Patel, said, "As Ashwin, I've portrayed a wide range of emotions, but the recent episodes have been especially challenging. Ashwin's protective instincts for Swara intensify after the tragic loss of his best friend, Bhaskar. The upcoming twist, where Swara witnesses a murder, brings a new level of intensity to the story. Ashwin was already worried about Swara and now with this new twist, he feels that he was not able to protect Swara. It's a gripping turn of events that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats."
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