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Will Yuvika join the Mahajan office and solve the mystery behind her father’s scandal?

Sony SAB's Vanshaj continues to captivate viewers with an engaging story, blending elements of family drama, political intrigue, and the interpersonal dynamics of a wealthy business family. As the story unfolds, Yuvika (played by Anjali Tatrari), a young and ambitious member of the Mahajan family, sets her sights on joining the family office as an employee. She faces upright opposition from Shobhana (Kavita Kapoor), who is against the women from the Mahajan family working. 

In the upcoming episode, seizing the right moment, Yuvika approaches the Mahajan patriarch Bhanupratap (Puneet Issar) and express her desire to work in the family office. However, her proposition is met with strong objections from Shobana and Dhanraj, who firmly believe that it goes against the moral values of the Mahajan family for women to engage in professional work. Undeterred by the resistance she faces within her own family, Yuvika decides to seek support from Vidur (Aliraza Namdar), the right-hand man of the Mahajans. To her disappointment, Vidur informs her that he cannot assist her in convincing Dadababu (Bhanupratap) to grant her a job. Feeling disheartened, Yuvika prepares to leave, but not before receiving valuable advice from Neil (Mohit Kumar). He suggests that instead of relying on others for help, Yuvika should explore her own potential and find a way to achieve her aspirations independently. Inspired by his words, Yuvika leaves Vidur's house with a newfound determination to pave her own path to success.

Will Yuvika be successful in joining the family business of the Mahajans?

Anjali Tatrari, who plays the character of Yuvika, said, "Yuvika is a full of strength and determination and decides to challenge the norms of the Mahajan household. In the upcoming story, viewers will see her resilience and ambition as she strives to carve her own path in the family business. Yuvika's story reminds us that sometimes, the greatest support we can find is within ourselves. I hope viewers are inspired by her journey and find the courage to pursue their own dreams, just as Yuvika does.”

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