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Pushpa’s positivity and hopefulness motivates people” - says, Karuna Pandey from Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

National:Set in a backdrop of inspiring storytelling, Pushpa Impossible a highly popular Indian drama airing on Sony SAB, revolves around the life of Pushpa Patel, portrayed by the versatile Karuna Pandey. As a middle-aged single mother, Pushpa's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the unwavering spirit to overcome obstacles. Through her journey, the series beautifully captures the essence of transforming the word "impossible" into "I M POSSIBLE," emphasizing the power of self-belief, perseverance, and the strength to rewrite one's destiny. 

Karuna Pandey expressed her joy and enthusiasm while celebrating the first anniversary of this captivating Indian drama that has captured viewers' hearts for a year. Her excellent portrayal takes the lead character of the serial to become an embodiment of inspiration for all the women out there. 

1. Over the past year, how has your character in Pushpa Impossible evolved? Can you share some insights into the journey your character has undertaken? 
Pushpa has come a long way in the span of a year. She is a woman who travels from the village of Patan to Bombay after her husband’s demise and a big betrayal. She aims to raise her children in the best possible way, and it was from there, that the original journey began. She navigates through tough paths while she pursues education, fights for her family, and tries to hold it all together, all on her own. 

2. One year is a significant milestone for any television show. Looking back, what aspects of Pushpa's character development do you feel have resonated most with the audience? 
There has been a lot of development in Pushpa’s character, both gradual and spontaneous. Even at this age, she tries to chase her desires with so much passion that she takes up education with a dedicated mindset and joins class 10 to resume where she left off. She falls and rises a lot of times through the tough battle of getting admission and finishing her studies. A woman who has in all her life known and been around Gujarati-speaking people is put in an English medium school, and it was quite a battle for her to race through with passing marks. She balances her life between being a student, a responsible lady in society, and even a mother of two children. There has been a tremendous emotional growth in Pushpa and there is more for the viewers to witness. 

3. Pushpa Impossible tackles various social stigmas and themes related to women. How has your character contributed to raising awareness or promoting discussions on these topics?
Pushpa has changed the representation of a typical woman in a society, by challenging stereotypes and encouraging that one needs to live life with courage. Pushpa is a woman who has shown that nothing can stop a lady if she decides to chase her dreams, and that dreams do not go by age limits. She has also reminded us to see the women around us as more than just a mother, daughter, sister, or a wife. Pushpa has taught people that only if they stay happy and satisfied themselves, will they be able to keep their family content. In conclusion, I would say that she has taught us to celebrate every little win over the past year. 

4. What aspect of portraying Pushpa in the show has been your favorite as the lead actress? Which elements of her personality or journey have you resonated with?
My favorite aspect of portraying the character of Pushpa has been the passion and optimism she holds toward life, her positivity and hopefulness encourages and motivates people. She is a fighter! She believes in living life to the fullest and she never believes in giving up. I love the little child in her who hops around with happiness, gets into trouble, sobs when hurt, and always carries innocence within. 

5. With Pushpa Impossible completing a year, how do you think the show has impacted the audience?
The show has had a significant impact on the audience. People often come to us saying the show has taught them to see life from a new perspective. They often tell us how it has inspired them to pursue their dreams, resolve family conflicts and even take up education with passion. Despite having several other mediums of entertainment and content on several OTT platforms, they prefer to watch the show on Sony SAB, which is very heartening. I believe that in this one year of the show, we have given the audience a lot of courage and optimism to take their life ahead, in a new way. 

6. Pushpa Impossible as a show is very different from what we see nowadays. What do you think sets it apart and makes it relevant in the current time?
Pushpa Impossible is different and versatile when compared to other shows. The show is connected to reality and that is what sets it apart from others. In addition to this two of the important factors would be writing and execution. The makers of our show are creative people and artists themselves, and they can understand everything about relationships, the emotional graph, and the evolution. Aatish Kapadia and Bhavna Vyas prepared a script that was so strong and promising that anyone who read it would know that this drama is going to bring a huge impact on the viewers. Our director Pradeep Yadav has done a fantastic execution of the script and the way he believes in the actors, has brought the characters to life. The whole team of Pushpa Impossible contributes wholeheartedly, every day, to bring the best on screen. 

Stay tuned and watch Pushpa Impossible, Mon-Sat, 9:30 PM for more twists only on Sony SAB

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