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The relationship between Premraj and his daughter Yuvika is very warm:

Sony SAB's Vanshaj revolves around family politics and complicated relationships, giving viewers a peek into the lives of a prestigious business family. It presents a classic dilemma: the conflict between inheriting a legacy business and asserts Yuvika’s right to lead the Mahajan family's long-standing business based on her abilities and skills. With a talented cast featuring Anjali Tatrari as Yuvika, Puneet Issar as Bhanupratap, Mahir Pandhi as DJ, and Gireesh Sahdev as Dhanraj, Vanshaj aims to defy the traditional expectations of a son leading a business.

Popular actor Akshay Anand assumes the role of Premraj, a devoted father who finds himself entangled in a web of secrets endangering his family's peace. Through his portrayal of Premraj in Vanshaj, he adds yet another feather to his cap, showcasing his talent.

1. How did you prepare for your character?
With every character I portray on-screen, I discover a different side to myself, and the sole aim is to make that character my own. Getting the role of Premraj in Vanshaj is a truly wonderful chance, and I'm really excited to see where this creative journey takes me. Premraj, a caring and supportive dad, has already touched me on a personal level. As I explore his character more, I'm eagerly accepting the challenges and discoveries that lie ahead.

2. The show deals with complex family issues such as betrayal, power struggles, and loyalty. How does your character navigate through these struggles?
The upcoming journey for Premraj will be extremely challenging. He will have to hide his true feelings from his beloved children, despite feeling deeply heartbroken by his family's actions. It's especially painful because he was the one who built the entire business from the ground up, bringing it to the level of success it enjoys today. If faced with a similar situation in real life, the betrayal from one's family can be overwhelming, making one question their own worth. It's heartbreaking to see the person who created everything being cast aside by the people they cared for and nurtured.

3. What can viewers take away from this show?
The show offers a valuable lesson to viewers about trust in life. It reminds us that if even our own family can disappoint us, then anyone else has the potential to do the same. However, alongside this message, the audience witnesses how Yuvika challenges the age-old norms of succession and stakes a claim based on capability to helm the Mahajan family’s legacy business. Through my character, they will learn about the significance of family values and observe how a father, who once held great wealth, manages to endure and persevere even when faced with being stripped of everything and pushed to the brink. These are the key takeaways that the audience will carry with them. 

4. What do you think is more critical when leading a business empire? Inheritance or Capabilities?
I think it has to do more with capabilities because I’m sure that in real life, we’ve seen a lot of people who have been handed over businesses from their parents, and they’ve been unable to carry them forward. This reality serves as a reminder that success is not solely dependent on inheritance but on the individual's unique set of skills and abilities. Ultimately, it is the individual's capabilities that play a pivotal role in determining their ability to succeed and maintain the legacy of their family enterprise.

5. How is your bond with Yuvika? What kind of relationship are we going to see on-screen?
The relationship between Premraj and Yuvika is very warm. The show will explore how the father handles his daughter, who is uncertain about her life choices. The portrayal of this relationship will resonate with audiences, offering them an opportunity to connect with and enjoy the characters' journey of self-discovery and the role parents play in helping achieve their goals.

6. How does it feel to be part of a show with such a stellar star cast?
Being part of a show with amazing actors is an awesome experience that makes you really happy and excited. It inspires you to improve your skills and talents. You're determined to work extra hard and do your best to make a strong impression. As you get fully involved in the show, you become motivated to work even harder and get better at what you do. You want to give a performance that really connects with the audience. It's a journey that changes you and makes you feel proud and satisfied to be part of something truly amazing.

Stay tuned to Vanshaj on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 10 PM!

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