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Tricity youngster Bhupinder Gujjar does region & country proud, carves out a niche in the international pro-wrestling arena

Chandigarh, April 13, 2022: Tricity's 27-year-old Bhupinder Gujjar, who is Impact Wrestling's latest Indian pro-wrestling sensation, is the youngest Indian athlete, who has made tricity, the region & the whole country proud by becoming a sought after pro-wrestler at an international level. Gujjar held a press conference at the press club here on being made Impact's Face in India.
Scott Francis D'Amore, Executive VP, Impact Wrestling said, in a recorded video message from Canada,  which was played out at the press meet, "Bhupinder Gujjar was trained by me and has developed into an amazing pro-wrestler. He has everything it takes to be a great representative of the Indian people and culture all over the world. It gives me immense pleasure to announce him as Impact's face in India."
"I am happy that Impact has made me; its face in India and now I will work to take the sport of pro-wrestling to the next level," said  Gujjar.
“Wrestling is a great game and a wonderful unifying force. It must be encouraged and promoted. In my new role as India's 'Impact face' I will create more awareness among youth about pro-wrestling,” added Bhupinder Gujjar, who has hit the mark in the International  Professional Wrestling  Arena - 'Impact Wrestling' which was earlier known as TNA.

Replying to a question that Pro-Wrestling was stage-managed and also 'fake' Bhupinder said, "Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, we as pro-wrestlers have to train hard and develop skills for the sport. How much force is to be used on your opponent, which part of the body the force can be used, everything is scientifically planned. As otherwise wrestlers can get injured and at times seriously.  Timing is of great essence too. These skills need to be imbibed." 

In reply to another question, he said that "Pro-wrestling is certainly a sport which has become a huge industry with millions of viewers in the west and other parts of the world. It offers multiple opportunities for talented youth."

Gujjar was flanked by his Tricity based coaches Sumit Kumar Narad and Hardeep Singh Malhi during the press conference. Sumit had initially identified Gujjar's talent and also trained him in his teenage days. "When Bhupinder came to me for training I had realized that the boy was genetically gifted to make it big," said Sumit.  After Sumit, Gujjar was trained by Hardeep Singh Malhi.

Gujjar hails from Parchh village near Chandigarh and his achievement from a ‘Desi’ village boy, to becoming a name to reckon with in the big pro-wrestling arena is indeed remarkable. The game-changer for him was his training at Khali’s Academy for six months under the guidance of Darryl Sharma.

  “After training at Khali's academy I went to the Border City Wrestling (BCW) in Canada, and have also studied HR Management and Events in Canada,” he said.

His journey hasn't been easy. He worked for four years, 20-hours a week, as a security supervisor in Canada. On weekends he did wrestling events.  Impact noticed his talent and signed an agreement with him.

It is worth mentioning that apart from Scot Francis D'Amore, Johnny Bravo also trained him in Canada. He is now among the top 10 in the US and Canada in the Impact Professional Wrestling. Gujjar has fought four major bouts and has won all four.

In reply to a question, Bhupinder said that Impact has plans to unlock the doors of opportunities for budding wrestlers through an upcoming wrestling show -'Pehlwani Pataka' in India, which will be co-hosted by him. The show which is in the pre-production stage will be aired on Sony 10-2. The show will present old matches and will be produced in Hindi.

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