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Titan Eye+ raises awareness of eye health issues by creating a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title; conducts 1 Lakh Eye tests in 24 hours

Chandigarh, 29th April 2022: Titan Eye+, India’s trusted eye care destination reaffirms its commitment to raising awareness of eye health issues by creating the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ title for the “Most online eye screening tests completed in 24 hours” on the 21st April 2022. The Guinness World Records declared the 130,616 eye tests conducted by Titan Eye+ as the new world record.

 Titan Eye+ encourages Indian consumers to pay attention to their eye health and create a healthier future. As a step toward its vision, Titan Eye+ has introduced an innovative Duochrome test, which helps identify the need for vision correction through a self-administered test. The test can be completed in 10 sec and on a mobile or desktop and the results are immediately available.

 Mr. Ramesh Pillai, Chief Optometrist – EyeCare Division, Titan Company Limited shared, “It is estimated by the eyecare industry that over 50 Cr Indians require vision correction. Considering the lack of access to quality eye care and infrequent eye testing amongst Indians, there was a need to create an innovative, simple, self-administered online vision screening test that is scalable.  

  We created one using the principle of Duochrome (Red-Green) test to suit all digital platforms so that the test results are consistent. 

The 10 sec Digital Eye Test helps identify refractive errors (Myopia and Hypermetropia) early and is a step towards providing better eyesight to people at large. 

 With the global recognition of Guinness World Records, our mission of raising awareness for eye health across the country surely gets stronger and we hope to screen many more Indians in the future”

 Titan Company reported that over 1.3 Lakh Indians screened their eyes as part of our campaign in a single day and we have identified 44,000 participants who have refractive errors. We have recommended a more detailed eye test for them at their nearest ophthalmologist or Titan Eye+.

The test can be taken free of cost at


As per the World Health Organization, over 2.2 billion individuals globally suffer from vision impairment, and in most cases, the problem could have been prevented by early detection and timely intervention. The onslaught of COVID-19 had also led to an increase in screen time for people across ages and became a major contributing factor in declining eye health and increasing the incidence of myopia.


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