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Cake mixing ceremony at Novotel heralds Xmas festivities in tricity

Chandigarh, November 18, 2021: An aesthetically designed cake mixing ceremony was held at City Beautiful’s iconic Novotel Hotel Tribune Chowk today, heralding Xmas festivities in the tricity. This unique moment of ecstasy and celebration was performed along with Pastry Chef Daya Joshi and Sous-Chef Raman. 
“Though an old ceremony practiced in traditional Christian households, cake mixing has now very much become a part of our lives. We are living in a new global order and Covid-19 has taught us the importance of sharing every moment of happiness with all. Novotel Hotel is keeping this tradition alive,” said Ashish Battoo, GM, Novotel Hotel. 

Talking about the cake, Battoo said the cake had a balanced mix of various ingredients but  majorly were nuts, cranberries, raisins, cinnamon,  and fruits. “It is an entirely different kind of occasion which fills you with a unique sense of festive happiness. The cake symbolizes our quest for happiness in our lives,” he added.
Pastry Chef Daya Joshi said that the entire cake mixture has been soaked with rum, vodka and whisky and will be kept for a good 20 days and then baked in small quantities. “Its taste and flavour will be totally different from normal cakes,” informed Pastry Chef Daya Joshi. 

“We are ready to welcome Xmas season and associated festivities, which will culminate with the New Year’s celebrations. All Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) are being followed with diligence to keep Covid-19 at bay,” said Sous-Chef Raman. 

The mixing was followed by a scrumptious spread by the culinary maestros of the hotel to celebrate the festivities with a perfect blend of Christmas spirit and cheer. Kids, their mothers and hotel staff just added extra zest to the event.

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