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Moj’s Loveastra offers a glimpse into what your stars have in store for you this Valentine’s Day!

Chandigarh:This Valentine's Day, learn more about your potential partner by participating in Moj's special Loveastra campaign. Some people seek solace in their horoscope during stressful times, while others believe it can help them make life decisions. Whatever the reason, people clearly find astrology appealing. Moj, India's largest short video app, has always kept its users entertained with unique features and exciting initiatives. And this Valentine's Day, they're back to align everyone's stars with "LoveAstra'' for all the lovers who can't wait to find out what's next in their love life. Join Love Gurus, Sonali Akash Mehta, a renowned Intuitive Reader, Dr Seema Midha, Numerologist, Happiness Coach, Tarot Reader and Life Designer and Dr. Y  Rakhi for various exciting sessions on Moj LIVE from February 12th to 14th at 6:00 PM.

Moj's Loveastra campaign features a number of exciting segments, including LIVE sessions with some well-known Love Gurus. On February 12th at 6:00 PM IST, Sonali Akash Mehta, an intuitive reader, will predict one's love life using vibrational energies and share interesting insights on what lies ahead in your romantic life. Similarly, Dr Seema Midha, an internationally renowned numerologist, will go live on February 13th at 6:00 PM to assist viewers in learning more about their love lives through numerology and tarot reading. Moj users can attend Dr. Y Rakhi's LIVE session on February 14th at 6:00 PM, where she will astound you with her insights through her tarot cards, interpreting everything your love life has to offer. To find out what their stars have in store for them this season of love, simply tag one of the Love Gurus and use the hashtag #Loveastra in a photo of themselves illustrating what love means to them on any social media platform they are comfortable with. The Love Guru will tell them on their Moj LIVE session what their stars have aligned for them this season of love.

There will be numerous Love Battles and wars between couples competing for the title of LoveAstra Jodi 2023.  Creators will revel in LIVE Love Battles: the ultimate battle between zodiac signs and the most compatible pairings, each emphasizing their unique characteristics, for instance, Librans and Aquarians claiming the title of "the most loyal lovers." Capricorn and Taurus gleefully saying “Our combination makes it till the end of eternity”. While in another battle, Capricorn and Virgo will make the temperature soar with “The most sexually attractive combination with great chemistry” on the other hand, Pisces and Cancer will revert by saying, “We are a perfect blend of amazing chemistry with a great sense of humor". This humourous banter will spawn more lighthearted conversations among creators, resulting in endless fun, romance, and entertainment throughout the week of love.

In addition to all the activities,  Moj will engage its users throughout the week of love through fun-filled interactive sessions. Moj, has also released a bunch of limited edition virtual gifts that Users can gift their favourite creator during any LIVE session, including Love Battles, Voter Battles and Gifter Battles! These virtual gifts can be purchased on the app via Cheers (virtual coins).

Moj has consistently engaged its creators with exciting and engaging initiatives that provide entertainment and a platform for them to explore themselves and discover what they are passionate about. Loveastra is one such campaign that will give its community the opportunity to create unique content, participate in irreverent conversations, and learn interesting facts about how one's stars affect one's love life or not!

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