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I was blown away by the love that blossoms between people from two very different eras”

Sony SAB's upcoming romance drama Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare, follows the journey of Dhruv and Tara, who are from two different eras. The show brings forth a love story never seen on television before. Tara (Riya Sharma), a princess from the 17th century, travels against the grain of time and arrives in the present day, where she meets Dhruv (Ishaan Dhawan) who is a neurosurgeon. With Dhruv Tara Sony SAB continues to bring differentiated, quality content that resonates with all members of the family. The channel’s latest offering, the show is poised to capture viewers’ hearts with an innovative storytelling and distinct characters. 

1. This kind of a story is new on television. How do you think the viewers will react to the show and its concept?

"Dhruv Tara" introduces a fascinating concept, in which a girl from the past travels through a time portal to the present day and finds love with a person living in the present. This unique storyline sets it apart from other shows, and I believe it possesses an irresistible charm. As a team, we have given our all to ensure that the viewers will thoroughly enjoy the whole narrative.

2. Dhruv belongs to 2023, while Tara is from the 17th century. A romantic love story between the two seems unreal and out-of-this-world. How do you think the love story is going to pan out?

Despite being from different worlds, Dhruv and Tara have a connection that transcends time and circumstance. While Dhruv is a witty and charming doctor living a simple life in the 21st century, Tara comes from a royal family in the opulent world of the 17th century. However, despite her privileged upbringing, Tara is a grounded person with a good heart.

Although their initial differences make it seem unlikely that they could fall in love, their genuine feelings for each other prove that age, time, place, and circumstances are ultimately unimportant when it comes to matters of the heart. True love requires going against the odds and fighting for what you believe in, standing up for your partner and making them feel cared for. In the story, when Tara is transported to the present day, Dhruv helps her adapt to the modern world, but how he does that is something you will have to watch the show to know. 

3. Time-travel romance is a unique concept for a TV show. What inspired you to take up the role of Dhruv?

I was very impressed by the uniqueness of the story when I first read the script. I was blown away by the love that blossoms between people from two very different eras. It was like a breath of fresh air amidst the monotony of similar TV show concepts. I felt an instant connection with the character of Dhruv, and I knew that I had to play this role. I love how he is portrayed as a charming and lively young man who is full of life, and I relate to those qualities on a personal level. The cast and crew have become like family to me, and we have had a blast filming each scene. I'm confident that audiences will love this show as much as we do and will appreciate the effort that has gone into bringing this unique concept to life.

4. How was your experience working on the show? Did you at any level feel connected to or like your character Dhruv?

I am thoroughly enjoying my experience working on this show. This kind of romance has never been seen before on Indian television, and the element of time-travel is especially thrilling. I can only imagine how exciting it would be if time travel were possible in real life. Collaborating with some of the most exceptional actors in the industry has been one of the highlights for me. It has been absolutely amazing interacting and spending time with them both on and off the set.

Regarding my character Dhruv, he is a typical 21st-century boy who is a hardworking and diligent doctor and loves his family. Dhruv is charming and full of life, which are qualities that I can definitely relate to. I see a part of myself in Dhruv's character, but being part of a time-travel romance was an entirely new and thrilling experience for me.

5. What is your take on modern-day love and relationships and how do you think this is different from the kind of love in the 17th century?

There are definitely differences between modern and traditional expressions of love, and our attitude towards romance has evolved with the times. In the past, relationships were characterized by their purity, innocence, and simplicity, and technology had not yet overwhelmed the essence of love. Old-fashioned gestures like exchanging love letters, giving handmade gifts, and sending fresh flowers were cherished, and people loved wholeheartedly without feeling the need to publicize their affection. However, things have changed significantly in the present era.

Today, people are more focused on using their minds than their hearts in relationships. The innocence that was once prevalent in romance is now lost, and people are too busy striving for success to enjoy the simple things in life. Social media dominates our lives, and we feel compelled to share everything with the world. I believe that this has reduced the magic of love, the sanctity of relationships seems to be a thing of the past, and partners and their feelings are often taken for granted. Although there may be some exceptions, this is generally the case nowadays.

6. Yash Tonk, Krishna Bharadwaj and Narayani Shastri are senior actors. What was it like working with them and what did you learn from them?

Working with senior artists in the TV industry can be a unique experience. These actors typically have years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a strong work ethic that they bring to the table. They will always be able to offer guidance and mentorship to help you develop your skills and grow your career. During our city visit to Ahmedabad, got an opportunity to meet Krishna and it was a pleasure experience. Both of us are into spiritualism so it was great connecting with him. I am looking forward to working with Yash Sir and Narayani ma’am in the near future and I am sure that there will be so much to learn from them and I can’t be more thankful to have bagged such an opportunity which is allowing me to work with such veteran artists.
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