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How to safe guard your hands from infections due to daily household work chores this winter

Chandigarh:Come winter, it is a battle to motivate oneself to do chores that involve anything to do with water. The thought of a cold stream of water not only deters us from getting into the kitchen, but the reality of dry skin from harsh dishwashing liquids makes dish washing even more difficult. 

Routine chores such as washing clothes, utensils etc. not only causes your hands to dry up, specially during winters but also can lead to skin irritation due to chapped skin, causing infections. This winter protect your hands while doing house chores with these tips: 

Avoid long exposure to cold water during dishwashing: Making sure that heavy utensils like kadhai and pressure cooker are squeaky clean means repeated scrubbing of the utensils. This can be easily avoided by using products like Nimeasy made particularly for quick and effortless cleaning. The unique Enzyme technology of Nimeasy Dishwash Gel helps reduce the need for scrubbing and hence, helps in limiting hand exposure, leading to lesser risk of infections. Just soak the stained utensil in water and 1 teaspoon of Nimeasy for 25 min and Nimeasy’s enzyme technology helps lift off the layer of tough food scum stuck to the bottom of utensils. 
Plan your chores: Making a list of all the tasks and working a smart schedule makes sure that you limit your time with water. Wash your vegetables with a special veggie and fruit wash formula like Nimwash, pat them dry to store them. Pre-plan your cooking so that you use minimum number or vessels. Soak your greasy vessels after cooking for easy cleaning.  

Improve your night time routine: Be diligent in following a night time routine of pampering your hands with a good quality hand cream and cove them with breathable gloves. Gloves will help the hands soak the cream and prevent dryness. Don’t forget to care for your nails and cuticles as they are equally sensitive to dry weather.

In case you experience chapped skin, applying coconut oil and rubbing in circular motions can avoid further possibilities of infection. Do not let your skin barriers be compromised and consult a skin specialist if you experience any pain or bleeding. 
Pamper your hands with extra care to enjoy the cold weather the most this winter!

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