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Pallavi's unconditional love and responsibility towards her father resonated with me:

Mumbai, November : Sony SAB’s upcoming show 'Aangan - Aapno Kaa', is a heartfelt story of a daughter’s love and responsibility towards her father and delves into the emotional conflict, questioning the necessity of leaving her father post-marriage. Mahesh Thakur portrays the single father, Jaidev Sharma, while Ayushi Khurana takes on the role of Pallavi Sharma, his youngest daughter, who has a unique perspective on marriage. 
In a candid conversation, Ayushi Khurana talks about her character’s beliefs and more.
1. Could you please share more about your character? 
Pallavi Sharma is a young girl with big dreams and a strong sense of independence. She's ambitious, determined, and always ready to take on new challenges. Being the youngest daughter in the family of three sisters, Pallavi has seen the priorities of her sisters change after their marriage. That leaves Pallavi with a lot of questions about traditional societal norms, and she gets worried about the well-being of her father, Jaidev, who will be left alone if Pallavi gets married, too. 
2. How did you prepare for the role of Pallavi?
Preparing for the role of Pallavi was an exciting journey for me. I worked a lot to understand my character's nuances, emotions, and relationship with her father, Jaidev. I also spent much time with my co-actors Mahesh Sir, Neetha Shetty and Aditi Rathore to feel and understand the connection of a family we’re supposed to portray onscreen. As Pallavi is a chef by profession, I watched many videos to understand what goes into being a chef. I tried empathising with her situation, to step into Pallavi's shoes and bring authenticity to the character.
3. What aspects of Pallavi's character did you find most relatable to yourself?
Pallavi's unconditional dedication to her family resonated with me. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to supporting her father felt very familiar. It's something I feel and value in real life as well. Like Pallavi’s fear of leaving her father alone if she gets married, I feel the same way about my mother. Also, the way she balances her familial duties with her personal and career aspirations aligns with my own beliefs. This relatability helped me bring authenticity to her character.
4. What do you believe sets 'Aangan - Aapno Ka' apart?
The script immediately caught my attention for its freshness and offering a perspective rarely seen on television. It delves deep into the conflict many women face, where they want to fulfil their responsibilities to their parents even after marriage, but it becomes harder to do. Pallavi's belief that women shouldn't have to stop being daughters when they become wives is a commendable and inspiring message.
5. Can you elaborate on the sisterly relationships and dynamics within the Sharma family and what role Pallavi plays in nurturing these bonds?
The three sisters - Deepika, Tanvi, and Pallavi share a close-knit bond as they support each other and their father, Jaidev. Having grown up without their mother, Jaidev served as the sole pillar of strength for the sisters. With both her elder sisters now married, Pallavi takes on the role of being the bridge between her sisters and their father. And when Pallavi disagrees with her father, it's her older sister Deepika who intervenes. There is a unique and special bond between the sisters that adds depth and emotional richness to the show, promising a heartwarming and relatable story.
6. What message do you hope viewers take away from Pallavi's journey in the show?
Pallavi's character is genuinely inspiring. She's not only a supportive sister and loving and dedicated daughter but also manages to balance her career and ambitions while fulfilling these responsibilities. Her unwavering commitment to her father is something that should be looked up to. It's a message of strength, love, and dedication to one's family, and I believe this will resonate with many viewers. 
7. What is your take on changing dynamics for women when it comes to relationships with parents after marriage?
The dynamics indeed transform when women get married, and their priorities often shift. However, I believe this change should not be an either-or situation. Women should have the freedom and support to balance their responsibilities toward their new family and the family they grew up in. In my opinion, it's important for the in-laws to understand and support a girl's continued responsibility for her parents even after marriage. And husbands should also play a role in maintaining strong bonds with their wives' parents, just as women do with their in-laws. When these changes happen, the dynamics after marriage become more harmonious.
Sony SAB’s Aangan - Aapno Ka is all set to grace your television screens soon!

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